Banded Mane or Long and Flowing?

by Dana Hokana | May 12th, 2011 2:01 PM | 1 Comment

Q. Hi, I own a 5-year-old western pleasure mare. I show every other weekend and I’m at local shows right now and I’m only 11, so I’m with my age group. And, so far I have won 1st place in all of my western pleasure classes, but I’m wondering about the styles of the mane. Is it short and banded, or long and flowing?


Geri :)

A. Congratulations Geri!  You are doing awesome and you must have a really nice horse!  I like to show my horses with a banded mane, usually short.  I have seen some people leave their horses’ manes long, and usually they band it.  The mane looked really good, but in my opinion I would do that on a horse that is really pretty in the head and neck and quiet with his topline, as the long mane looks busy if there’s a lot of movement.  I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you,

Dana Hokana

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  1. Thank you! And she has a very low, still headset and i cut it recently it’s about 4 inches long right now but I think I’m going to cut it another inch and band it at the next show! Thank u so much!!

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