WSQHA No Silver, No Sequins Show Is a Hit

April 10th, 2015 3:39 PM | 2 Comments
[photo credit: WSQHA Facebook page]

[photo credit: WSQHA Facebook page]

While many know Washington for its apples, few outside of the Northwest are privvy to the fact that the Wenatchee Valley is known as the “Apple Capital of the World.” As it would happen, the weather and topography that lend itself ideal for orchards are also the ingredients to a superb new event for the Washington State Quarter Horse Association – the No Silver, No Sequins show.  

“The last time an AQHA show was held in Wenatchee was 1983,” said show manager Lisa Gardner, noting that the April 2-5 show was actually the first time that WSQHA had hosted a show in Wenatchee. She adds that several factors played a part in the show’s success. 

“The Appleatchee facility went above and beyond with the footing and irrigation, which were greatly appreciated by the  reining and ranch riding classes. The weather was so beautiful the entire weekend and the show schedule was perfect for dinner with friends and afternoon hikes in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley.”

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2 Responses to “WSQHA No Silver, No Sequins Show Is a Hit”

  1. Would love to see horse shows turn from fashion show to businesslike exhibition of training/quality of the breed.

  2. Well done!!
    The Arabian breed needs to do this and pare down the English tack and allow only Hunt. Seat, Dressage, Jumping and Show Hack. NO STACKS ALLOWED AND HIGH STEPPING MOVEMENT SHOULD BE PENALIZED. And please No Mary Poppins outfits anymore, ridiculous. “Outside” non breed specific judges only. Just sayin…..

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