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June 22nd, 2015 7:10 PM | No Comments
[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

The entry form for Rookie classes and the tentative schedules are now available online for the 2015 American Quarter Horse Association Level 1 Championships.

View the tentative schedules:
• Nutrena AQHA East Level 1 Championships
• SmartPak AQHA West Level 1 Championships

Due to the increasingly popularity of the Nutrena AQHA East Level 1 Championships, the show has moved from from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to Lexington, Virginia, and is slated for September 30 – October 4.

The SmartPak AQHA West Level 1 Championships is scheduled for September 30 – October 4 at the South Point Hotel and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas.

How to Enter Level 1 and Rookie Championship Classes
June 30 is last day exhibitors can qualify in Level 1 classes for the 2015 Nutrena East and SmartPak West Level 1 Championships. Learn more about how to qualify at

Exhibitors who have qualified in Level 1 classes will receive an email with an entry form. To ensure that the entry form is received, qualifiers should contact AQHA now to double-check that their email address is on file with the Association.

No qualification method is necessary for Rookie classes; just enter Rookie classes that you are eligible for before the entry deadline. Refer to Rule SHW252.1 and check your Rookie eligibility (as well as your horse’s eligibility). To be eligible to compete in a Rookie class at the Level 1 Championships, both horse and rider must be Rookie eligible in that specific class.

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