Two Final Chances to qualify for the 2014 APHA World Show

July 28th, 2014 2:52 PM | No Comments

wwphcFor exhibitors hunting for those final qualifying shows for the 2014 APHA World Championship Show, there are two final opportunities in Oklahoma before the July 31st deadline.  Both shows will run concurrently at the Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and will count as two separate events.

The Green County Paint Horse Club Show will offer four judges and will run July 30-31 in the Mustang Arena, while World Wide Paint Horse Congress will offer exhibitors the chance to pick up points under eight judges July 30-August 3 in the Ford Truck Arena.  The Paint Horse Congress is co-hosted by the Kansas and Missouri Paint Horse Clubs.  

gcphc2012logo-sIn order for the shows to count as two shows and be eligible for qualifying for the 2014 World Show, they must show to all judges and start showing in July.  Those exhibitors who only show in August, will only be able to count the events for the 2015 qualifying period.

For additional information on both of these events and qualifying rules, visit

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