The Reichert Celebration Stakes and Yearling Sale News

June 23rd, 2013 7:00 AM | No Comments

By Gabrielle Sasse,

I was able to speak to JR Reichert about the Reichert Celebration Sale scheduled for Saturday, September 7 this year. He wants to “give everyone a chance to play”, and is planning to re-work parts of the Stakes Class and Yearling Sale to allow for more entries and more chances to win!

JR explains with the economy and other big money classes, they want to keep entry fees for their 2 YO Western Pleasure Stakes class low. “This year, we are starting to work the stakes class so that it is funded by the sale- that’s our goal to be able to get a big money purse without a big, expensive entry fee.”

“Our stakes class is going to be one of the main events Saturday night,” JR explains. “We’re getting it back to where it started, and Equine Sports Medicine has been there with us from day one.” This year, there is an additional $30,000 in the purse with a special Maiden Jackpot with a $1000 entry fee 100% jackpotted back. “They can get a double win that way,” comments JR. The class is not a maiden class itself, but should a maiden (never been shown) horse win, they get a special jackpot. “We raised it from $26,000 last year to $30,000 this year.”

JR explains his decision to not make this a strictly maiden class. “The class will be where you can show it all year long and still show for $30,000 [at the Reichert].” He did have his doubts, however. “Some concerns that I had with letting them show, was that I don’t want a predictable winner. I did some research, and in the stakes class there was a roll of horses that have won before… but a straight maiden horse came in and won the whole show. Whatever horse that is best that day will win the show- everyone will have a chance.”

If a buyer purchases a yearling in this year’s sale and shows it in 2014, there will be  $30,0000. “Buyers choice,” JR explains, “the $700 fee to be eligible… our $5000 entry fee replaced with $700 entry fee- gives a lot more people a chance to play!”

JR has big hopes for the future with these new changes. “We hope to grow that to even bigger numbers in the future, funding it through the sale. We’re still adding it up, but we’ve estimated over a million and a half given away in the pleasure stakes since it’s conception. Whoever wins the pleasure stakes has always got a check… we really pride ourselves on staying that.”

JR also remarked on the Reichert giving away money to not just the young horses, and how it still gives even more people a “chance to play.”  He said, “Up to 5 and 6 year old horses that can show for money each year, 3-6 year old trail and western riding, open and amateur… works for the all around folks to buy a prospect and grow it and win some money along with the western pleasure folks.”

So it truly is an all breed, all discipline affair. We hope to see you there! Keep checking back in for the latest news and information.

For more information on how to get in to the sale or for schedules of events, check out the Reichert Celebration website.

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