The Reichert Celebration is Offering a NEW Pleasure Series of Classes!

July 5th, 2013 11:54 AM | No Comments

By Gabrielle Sasse,

There are more big things happening at the Reichert Celebration this year! This major show, held this year August 29-September 8, is very excited to announce their new Pleasure Series of classes. Sponsored by InStride Edition, this group of eight total classes offers new chances for riders to show great horses in a competitive pen. There are four open classes and four non pro, and is  open to all breeds. With only $100 entry fee (by July 15), there is 100% of entry fee payback, plus the added monies, and checks are awarded at the gate. 

We spoke to JR Reichert, who crafted this series, about his ideas behind the new event. “My feeling in NSBA pleasure events is that that 20% of the barns does 80% of the winning,” he begins. “Therefore, it takes a lot of new trainers and trainers that don’t have the huge budget to go buy the top 20% of the pleasure horses to play.” JR’s goal for his sale, show, and this new series, is to “give everyone a place to play.”

“We are going after that 80%,” he elaborates. “In order to do that, we have made rules for the series. Taking it a step farther, we took the non-pros in that barn are eligible to show too. They must be in the barn with “qualified” trainers.” The rules make it such that only trainers who have not yet had a World or Congress Champion or Reserve Champion or have won a  certain amount of money are eligible. For more details on the rules, click here.

JR wanted to give trainers who are talented but just starting out and trying to make those champions a place to compete where they aren’t against a horse that may be out of their price bracket for now. “It also takes out the really really good non-pros, because they can compete with that top 20%. In my opinion, that has been the biggest problem with the western pleasure events,” JR continues. “Hopefully that gives everyone a chance to win.”

“I’m hoping that by the stats, they should be the largest classes in the years to come as long as everyone understands what it’s about,” JR says. “The series will help more than the limited and intermediates. A  lot of times in that top 20%, they will throw the assistant on the world class horse and go blow people out of the water, and these rules with this series will prevent that from happening. We want to spread the wealth all over the show.”

JR spent years thinking about this event, hoping that “this is the formula to help get people back into showing- giving people opportunity to show at my show.” The Reichert is really trying to give everyone a great big show pen to play in, and big checks to take home. For more about the Reichert, as well as schedules, entry forms, and prize lists, click here! We hope to see you there, and keep checking back in for more news about this great show.

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