The 5th Annual Fallen Horseman Memorial Horse Show Honored 11 New People

October 1st, 2015 12:15 PM | No Comments

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“This is not about the horse, it’s about the horseman/woman” says FHMHS Founder Tammy Lickliter. The Fallen Horseman Memorial Horse Show is an All Breed Open Show featuring a Riderless Horse Ceremony (pictured) and memorial display honoring fallen horsemen and women.   How did the Fallen Horseman Memorial Horse Show come about?  Appreciation, for those who helped encouraged anything equine, appreciation for the people who made our industry what it is today.  The Ohio Valley and surrounding area is rich in equine history.  Honoring these people and their contribution to the industry also serves to bring friends and family together that may have not seen each other for years. Additionally, the young equestrians can learn who these people were and what they did to enable life with horses.

Every year at Labor Day, many friends and fans of horses and horse people gather at the Fallen Horseman Memorial Horse Show to pay tribute to people who left special hoof prints in our hearts.  The mothers, the vets, the farrier, the judge, the trainers… sponsorships are gathered in memory of these people and the money is then paid forward to the exhibitors in the form of winning, prizes and random drawings.  In 2015, the show paid nearly $12K in purse money.  

themillerfamilyIn 2015 the horse show honored 11 new people:  Urban Albers, Bud and Madonna Alderson, Jeffrey Card, Don Clason, John Cratty, Larry Izor, Charles Menker, Steve Miller DVM (pictured), Louise Profughi and Lou Schlisser.  Friends and family made themselves available over the holiday weekend to pose for win pictures honoring  their loved one.  Each honoree level sponsor and subsequent class winner will receive a copy of the win photo from their class.  Over 80 sponsors supported this event by donating money or items to be given as prizes. All 126 classes had prizes to 5th place.

In 2015, one sponsor donated a pair of custom made FHMHS 2015 spurs, special thanks to Mike Lacey of Las Vegas Nevada and BCS Cusom Silverworks for that special award.  By request, the donor wanted these spurs to go to a “horse trainer”.  A  class was held during the special event Saturday night  called Professional Trainers Horsemanship class.  Only professional trainers were permitted in the class, the Entry fees went to charity and the winner got the spurs.  This years Professional Trainer Champion went to Jess Haines aboard Only Zipped For Now for owner Luann Coleman (pictured).  Other highlights included Emily Lloyd Manning winning the Rods Western Palace Versatility Classic aboard her horse Ahoy Chocolate Zip (pictured) and Brigham Turner defending his third consecutive Championship title in the Schneiders Saddlery/River of Hope Egg N Spoon. 

Images of exhibitors and their equine mounts in and out of the show arenaFor more information visit the Fallen Horseman  Memorial Horse Show at  or find us on Facebook.

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