The 2013 Tom Powers Maiden 2 Year Old Sale Stakes Western Pleasure Class Had a Great Showing!

June 29th, 2013 4:18 PM | No Comments

Patrick Heeley riding Sleep And Know It with their entourage. Photo by

By Gabrielle Sasse,

The Maiden 2 Year Old Sale Stakes Western Pleasure class was a much anticipated event this year! Sixty-four yearlings were sold in the 2012 Yearling Sale, all of which were eligible to show in the 2013 class. A total of 17 horses showed this year, after a brief downpour right as the last class ended forced everyone to head for shelter. Muddy footing made for some difficult rail work, but the whole group had a great showing.

The Limited and Open divisions showed in the same class, with the divisions being separately placed. The Limited had a four-way tie for fourth and a two way tie for first! It had a $1,000 add in for the class by Harris Saddles. Harris also had an add in for the Open class of $3,000, which was placed through 10th place. A nice touch for this year was neck garlands for the winning horse, donated by Lou Petty.

Co-Champions Flashy Lookin Touch and Spyderman. Photo by

Congratulations to Co-Champions of the Maiden 2 Year Old Western Pleasure Limited Stakes class: Sypderman (Battman), owned and shown by Alana Collingsworth and Flashy Looking Touch (A Sudden Touch) owned and shown by Courtney Chown! Courtney won the buckle by the tie-breaker judge, and the girls split the check. “I had a very good class,” says Alana, pleased with her boy. “It was tough. Just happy to be here! I plan to show at the rest of the futurity and Congress. Such an easy, easy horse.” Courtney was also pleased with her class, but said “it could have been even better.” She also has the plans to show at the Reichert. “He’s a pretty special horse,” she said, looking down at the garland around the quiet colt’s neck. “Pretty grateful to be here.”

And a major congratulations to Patrick Heeley piloting Sleepy N I Know It (Too Sleepy To Zip) to champion in the Open division! Sleepy And Know It, owned by Linda and Scott Bernwick, brought home a check for $20,000 plus the additional $3,000 from Harris. “He was so easy to show,” says a thrilled Patrick. “Had a great time. He didn’t take a lot of work to prep for this- we basically started him in March. Didn’t have to longe, not a lot of riding… he’s great. Right size, right strength, right horse. A nice horse to be with.” Sleepy And Know It is out of Spice Machine, who Patrick also showed. They have plans to take the gelding to all the majors- NSBA World, Reichert Celebration, and Congress.

Congratulations to all riders and colts, it was a great showing for these two-year-old’s first time in the show pen. We’re looking forward to seeing all of their names in the future winner’s circles at the major events. Now we go on to the next big act, the 2013 Yearling Sale, run by Alan Parker Auctions! Check back in for more photos, videos and results of the sale.

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