Sunday Night at the Congress: Congrats New Queen Meghan and River Cities NYATT Team!

October 21st, 2013 3:49 PM | No Comments
Congrats Meghan Mundy!

Congrats Meghan Murphy!

As we open on the final week of Quarter Horse Congress, the weekend closed with a bang! New Congress Queen crowning, NYATT award ceremony, and a mounted shooting demonstration wowed spectators. The Super Sale carried on late into the evening, and had a great turnout of spectators. would like to welcome and congratulate the new Congress Queen, Meghan Murphy! “I’ve wanted this ever since I was a little girl, and I never believed it would happen!” shared an overjoyed Meghan. “It just hasn’t even sunk in yet.” she laughed. Megan represented the Michigan Quarter Horse Association.

River citiesAlso at the night’s coronation was the NYATT awards and parade of teams. Congratulations to winning team River Cities Quarter Horse Association! Second place went to Kansas Quarter Horse Association Team, and third place went to the Indiana Quarter Horse Association team. Congratulations to all of the youth team tournament exhibitors, it was a great competition!

We roll into the final week of Congress, with hopefully more sunshine and smiles! What a great year this has been for everyone. To view all photos, videos, and results of Congress classes, please visit our 2013 Congress Show Page! And be sure to check out more photos of last night’s amazing performances by the Mounted Shooters!

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