Successful AjPHA World Show Offers Scholarship Prizes

July 9th, 2015 9:54 AM | No Comments
[photo credit: the Paint Horse Journal]

[photo credit: the Paint Horse Journal]

The American Paint Horse Association successfully concluded the 2015 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show on Independence Day after 10 days of premier competition for youth age 18 and under aboard American Paint Horses. The event took place at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth June 26–July 4 in conjunction with the National Snaffle Bit Association’s Color of Money show June 23–25. 

This year, the Youth World Show offered more than $160,000 in scholarship prizes to AjPHA members competing at the show. Included were scholarships for top finishers in 80 world championship performance and halter classes, along with scholarships for rookie exhibitors, randomly selected entries and other special events. Scholarship money was provided by the American Paint Horse Foundation, as well as private donations from APHA members and industry supporters. 

Money talks, and the show attracted nearly 1,300 entries and 290 horses from 32 U.S. states and Canada. Scholarship amounts per class ranged from $1,300 to nearly $6,000. With more than 150 exhibitors earning scholarships during the event, the 2015 Youth World Show put a new meaning behind the phrase “getting the most bang for your buck.”

“I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate what APHA thinks about its youth than to give back to them and their future educations,” APHA executive director Billy Smith said. “Middle class kids like those in APHA are the ones who struggle most with paying for their future educations. This gives them an opportunity to save for the future while they show their horses.“

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