Stars & Stripes/Big A Programs Released

February 11th, 2015 1:10 PM | No Comments
[photo credit: Natural Flash Photography]

[photo credit: Natural Flash Photography]

For those of you already looking forward to the summer shows, the program for the always popular Stars & Stripes and Big A Circuits has been released!  These shows continue to grow in popularity each year and 2015 looks to build upon the great momentum from last year and offer new classes and events. 

New for 2015 will be AQHA/USEF Western Dressage.  Western Dressage has been growing across the country the past few years and the Big A is one of the first major shows to offer it to their event lineup.  Returning for 2015, are flat fees and events like the NQHL Hunterfield Derby, GQHA Non-Pro Trail Derby, Leveling, and NSBA classes. 

Visit Mark Harrell Horse Shows for more information and updates as the show approaches.

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