Solid Paints invited to cash in at the 2017 Youth and Open/Amateur World Shows

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WS-SPB17Solid Paint-bred horses and their owners have something new to look forward to at the 2017 AjPHA and APHA World Championship Shows. New this year, solid Paints that carry at least one Paint-pattern gene are invited to participate in all non-pointed, non-world championship classes at the Youth World Show and Open/Amateur World Show.

These non-world championship classes include most sweepstakes and challenge classes at the Youth and Open/Amateur World Shows, with some exceptions. That means Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred Registry horses will compete head-to-head in these added-money events for bragging rights and cash payouts that total more than $100,000.

To be eligible, your solid Paint-bred must carry a Paint pattern gene: Tobiano; Frame Overo; Sabino 1; Splash White 1, 2 or 3; or Dominant White 5, 10 or 20. Testing must be completed through APHA using one of our official testing labs, the University of California–Davis (download order form from or Etalon Diagnostics (order online here).

Under this World Show policy, solid Paint-breds only have to carry a confirmed Paint pattern gene to be eligible—there’s no stipulation on sire and dam requirements, or the need to express a Paint trait. In that way, it’s different than the recently passed RG-070.E. rule, which affords a means for solid Paint-breds to advance to the Regular Registry permanently if they have two APHA-registered parents, express a Paint trait and carry a Paint pattern gene—read about it on

No qualification is required for the Youth World Show—the schedule and premium book are available at To be eligible to compete, the horse must be owned or leased by the exhibitor or his/her family by the pre-entry deadline, May 15.

Qualification by participation is required for the Open/Amateur World Show’s world championship classes, but horses are not required to qualify if they’re only competing in sweepstakes or challenge events. The qualification period is June 1, 2016–May 31, 2017. The show schedule and premium book will be available soon at

Sweepstakes classes taking place as part of world championship classes are excluded. Also, if a solid Paint-bred sweepstakes class is offered, the horse must enter the appropriate registry-based class.

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