Small Fry, EWD, Longe Line and Working Hunter Highlight Saturday at the Congress

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The very first Equestrians With Disabilities champions along with the year’s first Small Fry champions were named as the All American Quarter Horse Congress continued on Saturday. The Non-Pro Western Longe Line and Working Hunter Classes also highlighted NSBA events for the day.

Equestrians With Disabilities Classes Debut
Throughout the day, judges complimented Equestrians With Disabilities exhibitors for doing a great job presenting their horses. EWD classes included Showmanship, Horsemanship and Western Pleasure. Equestrians With Disabilities classes at the Congress are sponsored by the National Snaffle Bit Association Foundation.

For Susan Magnabosco, winning the Congress was a dream come true. She showed Straitshotofbarbie to win both the EWD and NSBA portions of the Equestrians With Disabilities Level 2 Showmanship.

“Getting here was 20 years in the making,” she said. “My daughter showed and I was always her groom. I was in an accident and I spent four years in therapy. Several people from the North Carolina Quarter Horse Association encouraged me to go back to showing. We got ‘Barbie’ in June, and she is the first horse I’ve owned for myself.”

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The first time was a charm for the duo. “This was our first horse show together,” Magnabosco said. “We practiced a lot yesterday. Our pattern was pretty good.” Magnabosco had her husband, Paul and daughter, Carol Merritt, as her support group at the Congress.

 In the Equestrians With Disabilities Level 3 (Advanced) class, Stacey Johnson and Dont Be Invious took the NSBA trophy and second overall. “I couldn’t believe it. It was so exciting to win the NSBA trophy,” Johnson said.

“I’ve been showing for 21 years, but with this horse for one year. I really love to ride and be around the horses. I think Showmanship is a lot of fun because get to show everybody what we can do. I really liked the trot and the backing part of the pattern. I am so glad to be able to show at the Congress!”

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