Putting the Fun in Fundraising

May 31st, 2019 1:12 PM | 1 Comment

60948737_10219389298902093_8866309724543385600_nApHC Trainers Benefit Fund to host “Ladies Class” this weekend

When a trainer is in crisis, the industry steps up. AQHA and NSBA have developed Crisis Funds to assist  trainers in hard times from disaster or health related issues, but this Spring numerous ApHC trainers have found hard times and Noelle Schmidt (The former owner of ApHC stallion Chocolatey) decided it was time to step in and do something for the trainers in her breed.


Noelle’s partner in crime John is ready for the class – oh wait we mean Brittany is ready to compete.

Noelle started brainstorming on a way to get immediate assistance to three trainers suffering from extreme injuries and life altering diseases. These trainers have been a major part of the ApHC show industry and their influence deserved to be recognized with some help at their time of need.


A service to Chocolatey has been donated. Photo by Terri Cage

Noelle initially arranged a fundraiser to be held at a show with fundraising classes and a live auction. Donations poured in from across North America with stud fees, training packages, good and services all offered to raise funds for this cause.  It was later decided that the best way to maximize the donations was to instead hold an online auction and the fundraising classes were given a home at the GEAR show this upcoming weekend.

When it seemed, the fund was in trouble with no one able to host the auction due to needing  non-profit status, the ApHC itself stepped in and stepped up to help host the fundraising efforts.

Noelle developed the logo and name for this new fund and the ApHC Trainers Benefit Fund was born – which she notes is simply friends, helping friends.

In true Noelle style, this weekend will see some fun events that are bound to have everyone laughing. The “Flour Face” wheelbarrow race will be fun for all ages and the highlight of the show is sure to be the “Ladies Class” on Saturday night which will feature prominent industry professionals including Shawn Reynolds, Sean Schembri, Justin Wheeler, Heath Wilkerson and John Hermann dressed in their best drag to compete for prizes. A $500 prize for this class was donated by Deborah Geraci and her husband which will be awarded in three categories:
$200.00 Sexiest Lady
$200.00 Most Manliest Lady
$100.00 Best Female Impersonation/Most Realistic Lady


A stud fee for Taken has also been donated.
Photo by Terri Cage

The true goal of all the fun and fundraising is to ease the burden in some way for these trainers who are facing great challenges at this time. Some will never return to the saddle and others will be down for quite some time recovering.

The details of the fundraising auction will continue to be shared as it is organized following the show this weekend. But we can share that stud fees to Chocolatey, Hand It To Hunter, Artfully Designed, Taken, Mad Desire, Totally Hot Hunter, Zipped Cash, Rageous Blaze, CBS White Collar Ride, Stolen Identity, Indelible Image, Reno Nine One One, All About Mister and Monster Magnet have all been donated.

In addition to the stallions many items including show clothing, tack, tools, services, gift certificates and training services will be offered with more donations arriving daily. We will be sure to share more of the details but you can also follow the ApHC Trainers Benefit Fund on Facebook for the latest details.

The greatest ideas come from a genuine desire to help others. What was once Noelle’s idea has grown to a grass roots fundraiser supported by the entire industry. When people genuinely care for each other – nothing can get in their way.

If you would like to donate directly to the ApHC Trainers Benefit Fund, please CLICK HERE

To donate an item to the auction please contact Noelle via email HERE

To bid, please like and follow the auction on Facebook HERE

Stay tuned for some images to come from this weekend’s shenanigans at the GEAR show!

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  1. Thank you for a great article drawing attention to an incredible cause!Fantastic job Noelle, thank you ApHC for stepping in and saving the event and best wishes to all in need of the crisis fund. So grateful to be Appaloosa Proud!
    - Heather Bottoms

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