OQHA Executive Vice President, Cam Foreman Resigns

February 7th, 2012 3:41 PM | No Comments

Cam Foreman - Photo courtesy OQHA

Ohio Quarter Horse Association Executive Vice President Cam Foreman resigned from his post February 4, 2012.  In a letter to the OQHA Board of Directors, Foreman wrote he was resigning in order “to pursue other interests.  The decision was not an easy decision; I have given this a great deal of time, thought and consideration.”

Foreman went on to describe his experiences and successes over the past three years, leading the All American Quarter Horse Congress, and concluded by thanking the members of OQHA’s board and other American Quarter Horse owners and enthusiasts in Ohio.





In a second letter, OQHA President, Dr. Scott Myers extended his thanks and recognition to Foreman for his leadership and dedication, and his best wishes to Cam and his family.  According to Myers’ letter, the OQHA officers and directors will determine the appropriate process for identifying the association’s next executive vice president.

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