NSBA Members Win Several Disciplines Tuesday at the Congress

October 21st, 2015 11:53 AM | No Comments

[photo credit: NSBA]

Showmanship Champions Crowned

Three Showmanship champions were named including Novice Amateur Showmanship, which was the final class of the 2015 Congress to be held in Cooper Arena.

Pine Chexed and Ashley Reichert earned Reichert’s very first Congress AQHA and NSBA championship in Novice Amateur Showmanship. “I haven’t shown here in the last couple of years because I’ve been in school,” Reichert said.

“I ride with the South Caroline Equestrian Team. I kind of had to put on my Equestrian Team mindset because I was running back and forth between the Showmanship and Horsemanship patterns today. I did the split, and then reworked the pattern in the finals, and I wasn’t sure if I could get here for the awards but I made it.”


[photo credit: NSBA]

Reichert describes winning the Congress title as a dream come true. “I grew up in Columbus and since I live close by I always used to come and watch,” she said. “Showing at the Congress always has its ups and downs. We showed in the Novice Amateur Horsemanship earlier but I sort of messed up and I was mad at myself. This win is a little bit of redemption for us. This is just awesome!”

Dueling Showmanship patterns took place in the Celeste Center first thing in the morning, with Novice Youth Showmanship 14-18 taking over the North end of the arena and Novice Youth Showmanship 13 & Under working the South half of the pen. Deanna Green and Blazinmytroublesaway added to their trophy count by winning the AQHA and NSBA divisions of Novice Youth Showmanship 15-18. Brooke Tubesing and Just My Cash took the NSBA title in Novice Youth Showmanship 13 & Under, and placed third in the AQHA portion of the class.

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