Natalie DeVencenty and Chex Is The Choice Take Home Top Spot in Trail

August 9th, 2017 4:16 PM | No Comments

Have you ever wondered what it takes to win the AQHYA World in Trail? We have the video from¬†McDowall Quarter Horses¬†(specifically Kip McDowall) of Natalia DeVencenty’s winning go. Marking a 233 for the win on this incredibly challenging course with her partner Chex Is The Choice.

Please join us in congratulating all of the top 20!


Champion – Chex Is The Choice exhibited by Natalia DeVencenty

Reserve Champion- Chocolates Hot Asset exhibited by Natalie Alcorn

3rd- Ode To A Zippo exhibited by Tatum Richey

4th- No Doubt Im Somethin exhibited by Hayley Rae Riddle

5th- Lets Talk About AOK exhibited by Shea Graham

6th- Natural Order exhibited by Savannah Hauer

7th- Some Hot Potential exhibited by Emma Brown

8th- Always Clownin Around exhibited by Kacie Scharf

9th- Lil Boss Man exhibited by Kacy Jo Philpot

10th- Only Temptation exhibited by Emily Maul

11th- Willys So Good exhibited by Payton Neiberger

12th- Zippos Cash Award exhibited by Callie Adams

13th- Invitation To Boot exhibited by Alyssa Luckhardt

14th- Virtually Perfect exhibited by Mackenzie Matthews

15th- BlazinMyTroublesAway exhibited by Deanna Green

Finalist – Hez Raising The Bar exhibited by Emily Maul

Finalist- Figure On Fancy exhibited by Mackenzie Doescher

Finalist- TheOnlyKissToEnvy exhibited by Caroline Neilson

Finalist – Poison Rain exhibited by Brynn Campbell

Finalist – So Blazin Im Amazin exhibited by Madison Parduhn

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