LQHA Announces the Return of the Sugar Bowl Extravaganza

October 1st, 2014 7:30 AM | No Comments

2014SugarBowlMark your calendars for December 27-29 and make plans to attend the newly revamped Sugar Bowl Extravaganza at the Hamilton Expo Center in West Monroe, Louisiana! 

This year, the show will feature 6 judges as part of an all-inclusive flat fee of $325 (includes stall and all applicable entry fees).  The Hamilton Arena is climate controlled which means there is no need to worry about showing in frigid temperatures at the end of December!  The 500+ stalls and covered warm-up pens are located under one roof which makes preparation for your classes a breeze.

Points for LQHA members will count for the 2015 year, so this is a fantastic way to get a jump on the 2015 year-end standings.  New information, including judges and a show bill, will be posted soon.

For additional information, contact the official show manager, Greg Wheat, at 318-294-2244.  Also, be sure to like the LQHA page on Facebook and visit their website for more updates and LQHA news.

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