Kick it Up with Karaoke Night at the Silver Dollar Circuit

by Robyn Duplisea

The Silver Dollar circuit is so much more than just points and prizes. It is a community of exhibitors that get to stay and play together.  Competing by day and then enjoying the many entertainment options in Las Vegas is one of the reasons this show was voted one of our Reader’s Choice award winners for best AQHA show.


Whether you are dancing the night away with the Man of Trail himself to 80′s music by the Spazmatics, Heading to the annual visit to the Anthony Cools Hypnosis show (which for the record I personally take credit for starting this tradition in 2007 when Ivdrug a group of friends including Tim to the little known show featuring a guy from my home town) or heading to the strip to take in the sights and sounds of Sin City there is something in Vegas for everyone. Non horse interested husbands can go golfing and the kids will find plenty to keep them occupied in South Point from Bowling to the Movie Theatre.

Tonight though the action will be at South Point as Banks Ranch hosts the exhibitor party and Karaoke night.  Live entertainment from Peter Love will kick off the party at 6 pm in the Cinch Bar, and then everyone is welcome to take the stage and show off their unique talents on the stage. As is tradition with the Silver Dollar Circuit the evening will include great prizes including awards for the worst, the best, and anything fun in between.

There will be food, drinks and I promise plenty of Instagramable fun!! Stay tuned for more on this fun event as the evening progresses.

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