Jesse James Steals Hearts and the Show at Thursday’s NSBA World Championship Show

August 16th, 2014 10:00 AM | 1 Comment
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Jesse James, the horse, was named a world champion today in the Two Year Old Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle with his owner Courtney Battison, but today we would like to share the story of another Jesse James that you may not know.

Sixteen-year-old Jesse James Jasso, of Robstown (near Corpus Christi), Texas, competed in and won a world championship in his first ever NSBA Equestrians With Disabilities class earlier today in EWD Walk Trot Supported Trail, showing Zips Dandy Sensation with Eric Mendrysa as his handler. It’s been a dream come true for Jesse, who is completely blind and has cerebral palsy.

“We started doing therapy with horses about two years ago,” said Jesse’s mother, Betsy Jasso. “When we first started, he was very uncontrolled when he rode, and it took three side walkers working with him to help in through the sessions. But they kept on going.

“I never would have believed what a difference it has made for Jesse. His doctor told him that he would never walk – but now he does. He doesn’t run, but he can walk fairly fast. He is able to sit up straight and hold the reins, and his posture is so much better. Honestly, it has greatly improved his whole lifestyle.”

This is the Jasso family’s first trip to Tulsa, and to the NSBA World Championship Show. “This trip was a real adventure for our entire family,” Jasso said. “When we got here and started to get ready to show, we met several other families, and we talked with each other about our kids. It’s almost like our own support group. And Jesse has also made friends with the other riders.

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  1. Am currently volunteering at a therapeutic riding center and working up the nerve to become a certified PATH instructor. Was just curious as to what programs or curriculum Jesse had participated?
    Thank you!

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