How Low Can You Go?…in Chaps?! Reichert Fun and Games!

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How low can you go?!

There is always a ton of excitement going on at the Reichert Celebration! Tuesday and Wednesday really kicked off the signature and stakes classes.  Not only are checks being given all over the show pens to all different breeds, but trophies and ribbons are being passed out, champions are being made and… men are doing the limbo??

The Reichert Celebration decided to “spice some things up” a bit, and are hosting various races, limbos, and all sorts of hoopla while waiting to announce results of the stakes classes. The limbo was during the Two Year Old Mens $2,500 Western Pleasure Stakes class, which was won by IZ Just Lazy, ridden by Josh Young, winning $1,200. To see more pictures, click here!

The Two Year Old Ladies $2,500 Open Rider Western Pleasure Stakes class was a tie for first place  with Jenna Hyde riding RL Best Of Goodbar (owned by Ariana Rhody Cimino) and Amber Hanson riding Gota Wear My Silks (owned by Ed Stebbins. Both lucky ladies took home a check for $1,300!

I’ve watched riders “get low” and have frantic races for the sake of fun and prizes! Sponsors donated exhibitor prizes, such as tails, new boots, and gift certificates, many of which have been given out at random to a lucky exhibitor. But sometimes, you just gotta make them work for it! A particularly great event was when all riders took off their boots, put them in a pile, had to put them on and run to the gate! Don’t worry, there are assistants to hold horses and chaps.

Congratulations Lope The Line and Adam Kober! Photo courtesy of Shane Rux Photography

The major Equine Sports Medicine Two Year Old Non Pro Stakes Championship was held Tuesday evening, wrapping up the classes for the night. The whopping $9,000 check went to Lope The Line (by Lazy Loper), ridden and owned by Adam Joseph Kober. A major congratulations to the pair, who have been cleaning up in the two year old events this year all over the nation. To see photos and full results, click here!

The trail stakes continued Wednesday morning, kicking off trail town with three Stakes classes in a row. The Three & Four Year Old Trail Stakes, Five & Six Year Old Trail Stakes, and Three, Four & Five Year Old Non Pro Trail Stakes classes showed great talent in the dusty trail pen. John Briggs with Definitely A First definitely were, taking home the $2,250 check in the Three & Four Year Old Trail. Rick Klaus piloted Stop And Stare in the Four & Five Year Old, winning a check for $2,700. And the Non Pro was won by owner/rider Elizabeth Martin on My Good N Plenty, taking home the check for $1,400.

Congratulations Trisha Yamber and Skip The Formalities! Photo courtesy of Shane Rux Photography

The Signature Three and Over Green Horse Hunter Under Saddle brought Wednesday night to a close, with three outstanding entries floating around the pen. Trisha Yamber had a beautiful ride, riding Skip The Formalities to the winners circle. Owned by Erin Shapiro Boatwright, this gorgeous bay brought home a check for $557.02.

Four more of the new Reichert Pleasure Series classes have graced the John Justin arena, the Three Year Old Open Western Pleasure and the Non Pro Junior Western Pleasure. The Three Year Old Open class had a strong showing of 14 horses, and was won by With Only A Touch  ridden by  David Archer for Wilburn Archer of Ontario. The Non Pro Junior was unanimously won under all three judges by A Diva By Moonlight, owned and shown by Shawn Vaillant. 

Wednesday (IT’S HUMP DAAAAAAY as the announcer so playfully announced) showed two more of the Pleasure Series classes, as well as a Midwestern Rider/Owner Pleasure class. The Junior Western Pleasure Series class was won by David Archer on A Good N Hot Machine for Ernest Branson, winning $520.00. The Non Pro Pleasure Series event for the evening was the Two Year Old Non Pro Western Pleasure. Laced By Chocolate wowed the judges, winning under all four cards! Owned by Dr. David and Suzanne Desmond, Laced By Chocolate was piloted by Danny Desmond.

Setting up for the sale

The Reichert Celebration is starting to set up for the two major sales as well, with the POA Yearling and Show Pony sale being held today: Thursday, September 5th at 4:00pm. Ponies are starting to grace the grounds for the sale and POAC show that begins today as well.  The Reichert Stakes Sale will be starting Sept 7 at 9:00am. The Reichert sale hosts embryos, broodmares, show horses and the yearling portion. With the Reichert stakes winnings totaling $2,031,784, who wouldn’t want to get in on this sale action? Yearlings purchased at this year’s Reichert sale are eligible to compete at the 2014 Two Year Old Western Pleasure Stakes class. The 2013 Stakes class monies total $218,500.

The Texas weather has been toasty, with temps finally reaching the 100s Wednesday. It’s supposed to be sunshine and warm times for the rest of the week, but hopefully not too hot! We are just glad (as I’m sure exhibitors are!) that the show pens are air conditioned. Heat + long sleeves + coats and chaps = sweltering exhibitors!

Keep checking our 2013 Reichert Celebration Show page for more news, results, stories and more!

Special thanks to Shane Rux Photography for these great photos. To see more pictures, and to order prints, visit his website.

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