GQHA Youth to Lend a Helping Hand at the Stars & Stripes/Big A

May 18th, 2015 11:18 AM | No Comments

Logo_-_Big_A_ColorFor those of you heading to Conyers, GA in July for the Stars & Stripes and Big A circuits, how would you like a little extra help with all those less than pleasant tasks that come along with moving into the show grounds for a show, like bedding stalls or unloading trailers in the bound-to-be hot and humid Georgia summer?

Enter the Georgia Quarter Horse Youth Association.  As a fund raiser, they will be offering their services in what they have dubbed “Rent A Youth.”  For a $10/stall fee (or $125 flat fee for 10+ stalls), they will handle all the ripping and dumping of shavings bags in order to pre-bed your stalls for you.  Another service they are offering is unloading trailers and setting up stall areas.  Prices depend on how much needs to be done and how labor intensive it will be.

[photo credit: GQHA]

[photo credit: GQHA]

All proceeds go to the GQHYA team.  Throughout the year, they have been hard at work raising money for both the upcoming Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar (Y.E.S.), as well as the Heart of Stone Fund

“We thought “Rent a Youth” was such a great way to combine service for the youth as well as promoting such a great program.  Developing the youth into helpful responsible equestrians helps us all in the long run, and the youth of Georgia are truly up for the task,” Michele Scott, GQHYA’s Youth Advisor, explains.

“What an amazing group of young equestrians they are!! They are always quick to sell raffle tickets for free stalls (graciously donated by GQHA) and tablets, as well selling delicious baked goods supplied by the amazing parents.  The idea was thrown out to the youth to help bed stalls since the Big A is such a major show in the quarter horse circuit, and they all immediately jumped on board!”

To learn more about how you can “Rent A Youth” for the Stars & Stripes/Big A circuits, email


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