EWD, Small Fry, Longe Line and Over Fence Events Continue for NSBA Members at the Congress on Sunday

October 12th, 2015 12:06 PM | No Comments
[photo credit: NSBA.com]

[photo credit: NSBA.com]

NSBA members had a busy day on Sunday at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Small Fry exhibitors started early in the Trail pen as the first class of the day, with Equestrians With Disabilities Independent and Supported Trail classes soon after. They were followed by Small Fry Western Pleasure, Non-Pro English Longe Line and Working Hunter, Equitation Over Fences and the Working Hunter Open and Non-Pro Classic.

Small Fry, Big Wins

Tayler Elchynski and Sheza Shy Chex earned one of the first wins of the day in the Congress and NSBA Small Fry Trail. “We call my horse Shyanne,” Elchynski said. “I’ve been working with her for about a year.”

The ten year old has been showing horses for about two years. “I really liked the circles and the back-through parts of our pattern,” she said.

Elchynski with NSBA Executive Director, Dianne Eppers [photo credit: NSBA.com]

Elchynski with NSBA Executive Director, Dianne Eppers [photo credit: NSBA.com]

For Ty Terry, winning the NSBA portion of Small Fry Western Pleasure and reserve champion overall meant getting to celebrate in a special way. “We’re going to go eat sushi,” he said.

Terry showed Machine Image, by A Good Machine, to the win. “We’ve only been working together a couple of months,” he said. “We got up and practiced from midnight to two in the morning for our class!”

Machine Image, who is known as Betty, will continue to show at the Congress with Terry’s mother. The Terry family thanked Wayne Davis and Sissy Anderson for their help with Betty.

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