Enthusiastic Sponsors Support Ultimate Super Horse Challenge

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Press Release

Top Judges Named for Event

“I’m really pleased to announce a great line-up of sponsors for the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge,” says renowned clinician and trainer Charles Wilhelm, founder of the event. “These sponsors really understand the goal of a horse being able to do a variety of challenges that keep the horse athletically sharp and mentally tuned-in. I’m also proud to announce that we have two of the finest horsemen in the industry judging this event — Dick Pieper and Kerry Kuhn. Dick is an inductee into the NRHA Hall of Fame, and Kerry has won a number of colt starting contests and is a ‘Wild Card’ in the 2014 Road to the Horse contest. I’m honored to have these gentlemen be a part of our Challenge.”

The Ultimate Super Horse Challenge will be held each day at the 15th annual Western States Horse Expo, June 7-9 at Cal Expo in Sacramento, California (www.horsexpo.com).

The sponsors of this event include Horse & Rider Magazine, Horse Tech, Andis Clippers, Bar ALE Feed, Ranch Sorting National Championships, and Cow Trac.

Horse & Rider Magazine almost doesn’t need any introduction. This respected publication is the ultimate source for Western riding, training, horse care, equine tack and equipment, horse shows, and trainers. It’s been the “go-to” magazine for decades.

Horse Tech has a great line-up of supplements for a variety of purposes, from joint support, digestive support, electrolytes and antioxidants to senior products.

Andis Clippers are the superior tools for grooming horses on ears, muzzle, legs and full body. These top-of-the-line clippers are super quiet, easy to clean, have extra-heavy-duty cords, and are housed securely to withstand chemicals.

Bar ALE, Inc. has a complete line of feeds to meet the needs of any equine. Whether it’s raising foals, training performance horses, or just enjoying an occasional trail ride, Bar ALE, Inc. has a formulation to fit the horse’s requirements.

The Ranch Sorting National Championships organization provides members a fun way to participate in a family sport while qualifying for national competition. The RSNC has proudly formed a partner alliance with AQHA; that partnership now offers a number of classes and categories for the sport.

Cow Trac manufactures mechanical cows that simulate the movement of a real cow, allowing for the horse to develop a feel for following a cow, turning on the fence, and facing the cow — without having to procure any real stock and feed and care for it.

So what is the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge?

“I’ve always believed that every horse should be a super horse,” says Wilhelm. “Every horse should be able to do a variety of tasks and exercises with complete confidence and success. A Super Horse can appear in a parade one day, work cows the next, compete in a dressage or western pleasure class the following day, then confidently hit the trail — and more. The Super Horse can do all that with proper lightness, cadence, carriage, fluidity and responsiveness.

“So I decided to give people an opportunity to develop their horses to participate in a range of events, and created the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge that will have its debut in Sacramento at the famous Western States Horse Expo, June 7-9,” smiles Wilhelm. “And let me add that this is not a race. This challenge is designed to showcase the rider’s control, and the relaxed lightness and responsiveness throughout the course. The competition is designed to challenge the horse and rider to excel in their abilities and demonstrate communication, horsemanship and equitation.”

Originally designed to be a five-part event, Charles has combined some of the parts into a three-day format to fit the structure of the Horse Expo.

First prize in the event is a custom Charles Wilhelm saddle, a champion buckle donated by Miki Nelsen of Western States Horse Expo, and a whole list of other prizes. The Bar ALE reserve champion will receive $500 cash and prizes, with ribbons and prizes going to the 3rd, 4th and 5th place competitors.

This is a not-to-be-missed fun event that showcases the ultimate all-around horse that most people dream of. The riders will be on their ‘game’ and the judges will be watching for polished expertise and skillful horsemanship. 

Join the camaraderie and competition! Entry requirements and regulations are posted on www.CharlesWilhelm.com. Not riding? Come cheer for your favorite Ultimate Team!

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