Congratulations to Master’s Western Pleasure Class Winner, Jay Starnes and Its Best To Be Hot!

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Master's Auction to benefit Breast Cancer

Master’s Auction to benefit Breast Cancer

The Two Year Old Masters classes had begun, and the Hunter Under Saddle had already been completed. As an “interlude” between the HUS and the Western Pleasure, an auction was held, the proceeds of which go to benefit breast cancer. Items include Berry Fit chaps, a custom hat from Shorty’s Hattery, and beautiful custom made alligator boots bedazzled with crystals and a pink cancer ribbon. Overall, the auction raised just about $6,500! Raffle ticket sales for a drawing for a pair of LaGrange boots was also held, along with the fundraising done during Nellie’s Catwalk For Kids (NC4K) Fashion Show lead the Congress to write NC4K a check for $22,000 to help support breast cancer research and families! Thank you to all involved. Such a great cause to support at such a wonderful show.

Also between classes, the Living The Mission Award was announced. This award is for outstanding trainers who “serve the industry when no one is looking, improve the community, are selfless, and care about the welfare of their horses”, among other great attributes. A very special congratulations goes to University of Findlay instructor, trainer, great horseman and man, Clark Bradley! Mr. Bradley has shown at every single Congress, and has served as President.

Congratulations to Jay and the Rawlings!

Congratulations to Jay and the Rawlings!

It was finally the hour that everyone was waiting for: time for the Western Master’s Class! After announcing the horses one by one, exhibitors were given ten minutes to ride their maiden horses around the pen. These two year olds have never been shown before, and trainers and horses alike needed a minute to acclimate themselves. It finally began, all the horse and rider teams trying their best for the big win.

It was an equally exciting end to the class, with Jay Starnes taking his second Congress Champion of the day, this time on Its Best To Be Hot! The adorable two year old dark mare, “Julie”, had a beautiful go. “She’s very nice, really easy to train,” shared Jay. “We’ve had a few ups and downs, but she showed great!” Julie is owned by Rawlings Enterprises, who Gavin and Rebecca Rawlings will have another saddle and big check to take back to Australia! Earlier at Congress, their 11-year-old daughter had won the 11 & Under Western Pleasure. “It’s been a great turnaround for them,” explains Jay. “To come to their first Congress and have a Western Pleasure Champion and then a Masters? Just great.”

The beautiful Its Best To Be Hot!

The beautiful Its Best To Be Hot!

The Rawlings had purchased Julie at the Reichert Celebration last year and brought her to Jay. “They asked me to take her home and she was great. Great legged lope, and trot. She can do both gears… Great show!” Jay plans to show her in the Threes next year, and possibly have the Rawlings show later on. Julie is by RL Best Of Sudden and out of One Hot Mouse.

Reserve Champion went to a Rusty Green, who brought home his own check of $23,000. Rusty showed Bestseatintehhouse for Alexandra Maria Chavez. It was a great ride for the Green Team, and certainly a wonderful way to finish up Congress!

Congratulations to all Masters exhibitors, Hunter Under Saddle and Western alike. It was a wonderful night, with full Celeste center seating, and really showed the best of what good breeding and training can offer. We can’t wait to see these horses in the threes, and next year’s Master Class! Tomorrow is the final day of Congress, and what a show it has been!

Full results:

15: You Can Kiss This/Kristin Klimmek

14: She Sure Is Hot/Jamie Hartman

13: Rock County Kid/Carl Yamber

12: Somekind of Lazy/Amanda Jackson

11:Vital N Vestment/Cole Baker

10: I Dance In The Dark/Shane Pope

9: Gotta Knapp For That/Pat Heeley

8:Shes Blazing Cool/Gil Galyean

7: RR Certain Blessing/Angie Cannizzaro

6: Completely Lazy/Ty Hornick

5:Lindsay Lopin/Kenny Lakins

4:Lope Out The Doubt/Shane Dowdy

3:Cool Lookin Moonie/Brian Cox

2:Bestseatnthehouse/Rusty Green

1: Its Best To Be Hot/Jay Starnes

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