“Cinderella” Mare Produces World Champion

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11898667_1686438974910272_340409866345098382_nWhen Tim and Dana Crager, of Cross Creek Farm, purchased Hosan Forties off a slaughter truck in 2008, they had no idea that 7 years later, she would make them world champion breeders.  It was a twist of fate that “Amanda” wound up in the hands of the Cragers.

“My husband, Tim, stopped by that particular barn one day to purchase some buckets or something,” Dana explains.  “He came home and told me there was a mare that I needed to go see right now!”

Although Dana had told him they had enough mares, she relented when she found out he had told them to take her off the slaughter trailer, and that he would be right back. 

“The minute we pulled in and I saw her with that big, soft brown eye, I knew she would be coming home to Cross Creek Farm.  This mare truly has a heart of gold, she’s so kind, and never has a bad day,” she says.

Miss Amanda has a home for life with Cross Creek Ranch.

Miss Amanda has a home for life with Cross Creek Ranch.

Now affectionately known as “Miss Amanda,” the mare has produced 4 foals by their World Champion stallion, The Ultimate Fancy (AQHA/APHA), including a set of twins in 2014 that she miraculously carried to full term (multiple ultrasounds missed it).  Sadly, one did not survive, but the other i successfully showing on AQHA and APHA circuits.

In 2013, she foaled a big, bay colt.  Legs Luther “Luther”, was a spitting image of his mother, and inherited her gentle and quiet disposition.

“This colt was so quiet, he lived with a rectal thermometer inserted almost daily thinking he must be getting sick,” Dana remembers.  “But he wasn’t, it was just him!”

It didn’t take long to learn that this was a very special colt.

Even as a weanling, Luther had legs for miles.

Even as a weanling, Luther had legs for miles.

“Not only was he that quiet, but his legs were phenomenal! He loped everywhere he went with that big, slow, sweepy stride.”

Luther was sold to Caitlin Dunsmore of Texas in August of his yearling year, after the loss of her The Ultimate Fancy gelding.  Dunsmore did much of the early training herself, keeping the Cragers informed of his progress.  In May, she sent Luther to begin his formal training, and decided his show ring debut would be the NSBA World Show.  And what a debut it was! 

Luther took home the World Championship in Green Color Hunter Under Saddle, ridden by Allison Clark.  For an unshown two year-old to beat out more seasoned horses was just the icing on the cake.  The Cragers and Dunsmore were thrilled and extremely excited for the future.

“To win a world title is truly a dream for all of us,” says Dana.

As for Miss Amanda, she won’t ever have to worry about winding up on a slaughter truck ever again.

“She will continue to raise great babies for us until retirement. Then, she will live out her life here at Cross Creek Farm.”


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