Blind Horsemanship- Do You Have What It Takes?

May 7th, 2018 8:38 AM | No Comments


Wondering how you are going to shake up your riding routines this week? Wanting to exercise your mind and test your how you handle patterns under pressure? Think you can handle anything thrown your way in the show pen? If so, it’s time to schedule a trip to Arkansas.

The Arkansas Quarter Horse Association is planning quite a fun affair for their annual Memorial Day weekend circuit. In addition to a regular slate of classes, one class will challenge riders in a way the simply cannot prepare for, that is until 60 seconds before they compete!

The third annual Blind Horsemanship, with $500 added competition will take place Saturday night after attendees are treated to an exhibitor party. Horses will line up against the wall facing away from the arena and will not be able to view the pattern until one rider ahead of them!  

ArQHA announced the Blind Horsemanship Challenge stating:

“The Blind Horsemanship Challenge is open to all age Non-Pro riders and all breeds of horses.

All exhibitors will enter the arena and face the wall at the beginning of the class. Exhibitors are not allowed to watch anyone else ride the pattern before they do so or to look at the pattern before the class begins. One exhibitor at a time will be allowed a maximum of 60 seconds to look at the pattern. Once time is up, the exhibitor will turn around and execute the pattern. Once everyone has completed the pattern, all will work the rail and then line up for placings.

The Blind Horsemanship Challenge is different than your average horsemanship class because of the element of memorization. Some riders have had phenomenal patterns but forgotten something simple like a back or a walk at the end of a pattern. Placing can change drastically due to small errors.

The Blind Horsemanship Challenge is a fun class for all to watch and participate. It has been a feature class at the Memorial Day/Stanford Happening for the past two years. Last year, exhibitors were paid back over $1,000, and every rider that completed the pattern correctly took home some money!”

The Memorial Day/ Stanford Happening is full of longstanding traditions in Arkansas and brings the horse community together to celebrate each year. ArQHA has also challenged bareback “Ride A Buck” challenges in the past as well.

Think you have what it takes to compete in the Blind Horsemanship? Head on down South and let’s see you ride! 

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