Back 2 Basics AQHA Circuit Set for February 10-14

January 4th, 2016 9:15 PM | No Comments

[source: AQHA]

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[photo credit: courtesy of TEEM via AQHA]

[photo credit: courtesy of TEEM via AQHA]

As the 2016 show season comes onto the horizon, so does the Back 2 Basics AQHA Circuit. For the past several years, this show has been the largest AQHA show circuit at the beginning of each show season on the West Coast.

The show has been a tradition for the past several decades with exhibitors thanks to its founder, Darlene Mills. However under the new ownership, in the past couple of years it has sprung to new life. And it seems they have found the balance this industry needs between drawing exhibitors so there are big classes with a lot of points, running the show like a well oiled machine and providing a fun, family environment.

Held for the past few years at the first class Murieta Equestrian Center in Rancho Murieta, California, it is managed by TEEM (Total Equine Event Management), known for their professionalism and positive attitudes. The annual event has always experienced large classes providing the opportunity for a lot of AQHA world championship show qualifying points up for grabs.

RL Davis pointed out, “The Arizona Sun Circuit is one of the biggest shows in the country each year. We’ve always had a buffer for people coming home from that huge circuit before they head to our five-day event. But in 2016, Sun Circuit moves to early January and is almost a month prior to our circuit, so that gives people plenty of time to recuperate financially and horses plenty of time to rest. It was a major benefit for the Back 2 Basics AQHA Circuit and we are excited to see even more growth for our show.”

Year after year, the new ownership launches exciting changes at this big five-day circuit. They have made efforts to incorporate more classes open to “all breeds,” such as the Dirt & Diamonds All-Breed Trail Stakes, All-Breed Ranch Trail and All-Breed Ranch Riding. 

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