Arizona Sun Circuit – Guest Blogger Dixie Lee

We are so happy to have Dixie Lee reporting for us again at the Arizona Sun Circuit. Stay tuned for her blogs and reports live from the show!

Sun Circuit Day One

by Dixie Lee

DSC07023Anticipating the sun, the sounds & the events of the Arizona Sun Circuit while escaping a winter wonderland – What’s Not to LOVE?

Memories of last year’s show put a smile on my face more times than I can count in the last year.  To say that this is a spectacular event may even be understating it a bit!  It takes some imagination to even understand what an undertaking this event must be for the team involved in putting it all together. 

The most versatile breed in the world, the Arizona Sun Circuit showcases all the events we have come to love about our beautiful Quarter Horses.

Imagine all the hours – months – years – to head to this event with your horse is a dream for so many!  Steps away, arenas at West World are packed with the talents of horses, trainers & their owners showing & riding in all these events!  Congrats to the TEAM that puts this together and hats off to the people & horses who’ve come to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona to show their horses! 

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