AQHA Show Rule Changes

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The AQHA Executive Committee recently reviewed and approved rules from the AQHA Show Committee. The full standing committee reports can be found at

Various showing rules were approved during the April Executive Committee meeting. The approved Show Committee recommendations, which are not subject to completing computer programming, will be effective January 1, 2018, and are listed below:

Show Approval
The Executive Committee approved the recommendation that an event with five or more show numbers must have one day off before a new event can start at the same facility.

English Rule Changes
The Executive Committee amended rules pertaining to Rookie working hunter, equitation over fences and hunter hack (SHW252. ROOKIE LEVEL) to allow inexperienced riders to compete with riders of the same minimal level of experience.

  1. With the exception of eligibility requirements, height of jumps and distances between jumps in a line, the same rules apply to Rookie over fence events as apply in the corresponding over fences class.
  2. Fence Heights: Minimum height for Rookie must be a 2’, with a maximum height of 2’3”. Due to the low fence height in Rookie over fences events, it is approved that the distance between fences be in 11-foot increments. The course cannot contain combinations, such as one- or two-stride elements or oxers for use in Level 1 and Rookie events.

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