AQHA Invites All Level 1 and Rookie Eligible Exhibitors

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[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

If you’re a Level 1 or Rookie exhibitor, you no longer have to qualify to compete at the AQHA Level 1 Championships. Beginning with the 2018 events, all Level 1- and Rookie-eligible exhibitors are welcome to compete at one of the three Level 1 Championships.

The AQHA Executive Committee changed the qualification requirements during the April Executive Committee meeting.

“B&W Rookie and Level 1 are the two levels of AQHA competition designed for everyone from the beginner to the minimally accomplished competitors,” said Pete Kyle, AQHA chief show officer. “The Level 1 Championships were designed to celebrate the accomplishments of all of these riders and their horses in an environment that provides education and fun competition.”

“The goal of this change is to give more people and horses the opportunity to compete at the AQHA Level 1 championships,” Kyle continued.

To be eligible to enter the 2018 Level 1 Championship, an exhibitor must:

  • Be Level 1 eligible in the class they wish to enter as of January 1, 2017.

  • Be an AQHA member at the time of entry and at the time of the 2018 Level 1 Championships.

  • If a competitor graduated out of Level 1 in the 2017 show season, he or she is still invited to enter the event.

  • If you have won a class at a Level 1 Championships, you cannot show in that same class at future Level 1 Championships, including the 2018 Level 1 Championships. However, you can still show in that class at AQHA shows (excluding the Level 1 Championships) until you meet the point level. You can still show at the Level 1 Championships in any other class(es) for which you are still Level 1-eligible. Learn more about AQHA Rule SHW245.3 in the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations.

Level 1 eligibility is determined on a class-by-class basis. Exhibitors are encouraged to use the online level verification system at to determine if they are Level 1-eligible in a particular class.

The AQHA Level 1 Championships feature Rookie classes, sponsored by B&W Trailer Hitches, and Level 1 classes. The shows offer a variety of events and activities for competitors, friends, family and spectators to take part in throughout the show, including free Ride the Pattern clinics taught by AQHA Professional Horsemen. The Level 1 Championships are intended for exhibitors to learn and grow in the show arena while sharpening their horsemanship skills. The shows provide a safe environment for AQHA members to be showcased in a championship arena and to compete to earn prizes for their dedication.

The AQHA Level 1 Championships are slated for spring 2018 with the AQHA Central Championships held in Oklahoma City, kicking off the trio of championships. That show is followed by the AQHA West Level 1 Championships in Las Vegas, and the Nutrena East Level 1 Championships in Raleigh, North Carolina. Exhibitors can compete at only one of the three Level 1 Championships each year.

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