APHA’s Platinum Breeders’ Futurity Modifications to Increase Payouts

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Press Release

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FORT WORTH, Texas – APHA halter exhibitors with Breeders’ Trust-enrolled horses will have the chance during the 2016 APHA World Championship Show to compete for significantly larger purses under recent modifications to the Platinum Breeders’ Futurity approved by the APHA Executive Committee.

The Platinum Breeders’ Futurity is an elite and now exclusively Non-Pro weanling halter futurity that takes place at the APHA World Championship Show. It’s designed to showcase the offspring of APHA Breeders’ Trust-subscribed stallions and the mares bred to these stallions. This division is separate from the Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions of the Breeders’ Futurity. 

Foals become eligible for the Platinum futurity via both stallion subscription and mare enrollment. Beginning in 2016, stallion owners pay $5,000 annually, and mare owners pay $200, thus making weanling offspring eligible for entry in the futurity. 

The Platinum Breeders’ Futurity will pay back percentages of the purse to the foal owner at the time of showing, as well as the mare owner at time of foaling and the stallion owner or recorded lessee at the time of breeding. 

This increase in payments directly increases the amount of payouts, as 100 percent of collective stallion and mare payments will be awarded back in purse prizes. Winnings will be paid back to the stallion owner (10 percent), the mare owner at the time of foaling (10 percent) and the foal owner at the time of competition (80 percent).

“Jumpstarting the halter horse industry is a priority for APHA; this is one step in that effort. The Platinum program, along with scholarships for Youth, are a part of an overall strategy to reinvigorate the industry,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. ”This is a grassroots effort organized by our own breeders and stallion owners. The Executive Committee responded by listening to and supporting the effort to grow the halter industry.”

Anyone enrolled in the Platinum program prior to these changes will have the opportunity to request enrollment fee reimbursement or apply the funds to the new program.

To encourage initial growth, any stallions enrolling in the 2016 Platinum Futurity program will receive a fixed rate for enrollment over the next five years. Enrollment fees might increase in subsequent years.

Steps to Platinum Breeders’ Futurity Eligibility

1.     The stallion must be subscribed to the Breeders’ Trust program.

2.     Stallion owners—or the recorded lessee of the stallion—must nominate the stallion to become a Platinum Stallion for a $5,000 nomination fee by December 31st of the breeding year. Extended deadline for 2016: January 29, 2016

3.     Upon stallion’s nomination to the Platinum Breeders’ Futurity, all mares present on the stallion’s breeding report are eligible for nomination to the Platinum division. 

4.     To nominate a foal to the program, the mare owner/lessee must pay the $200 per foal Platinum Mare nomination fee by December 31st of the breeding year (see fee schedule for late fees). Extended deadline for 2016: January 29, 2016

5.     Offspring must be a Breeders’ Trust-nominated foal in order to enter any Breeders’ Futurity class.

6.     Foal payments must be paid in order to enter in Breeders’ Futurity classes.

2016 Platinum Breeders’ Futurity Classes

Platinum Non-Pro Weanling Stallions

Platinum Non-Pro Weanling Mares

Platinum Non-Pro Weanling Geldings

Platinum Non-Pro Weanling Solid Paint-Bred Stallions & Geldings

Platinum Non-Pro Weanling Solid Paint-Bred Mares

A Non-Pro is defined as a card-carrying Amateur or Youth. Both Amateur and Youth exhibitors must meet the ownership requirements as set forth in the current Official APHA Rule Book. 

Additional rules and information regarding the Platinum Breeders’ Futurity program can be found athttp://apha.com/oawcs/breedersfuturity.

To enroll your horse, or for more information, email breederstrust@apha.com. 


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