APHA Youth World Show Tips from All-Around Champion Alexie Estrada

July 1st, 2014 7:57 AM | 2 Comments
2009 APHA World Show All-Around Youth 14-18 Champion Alexie Estrada with Predictably Perfect

2009 APHA World Show All-Around Youth 14-18 Champion Alexie Estrada with Predictably Perfect

Contributed by Tony Anderman

As the APHA Youth World is under way, we spoke to Alexie Estrada for her advice to exhibitors and spectators for having a successful show. In 2009, Alexie was the World Show All-Around Youth 14-18 with Predictably Perfect. She is a former intern-turned-marketing coordinator for APHA, and she was responsible for live social media coverage and coordinated video production during APHA’s 2012 and 2013 World Championship Shows. 

Here are Alexie’s tips for getting the most out of your Youth World experience:

  • You can interact and see, watch and hear World Show action wherever you are. APHA is active on ALL major social networks! Even YouTube! Be sure to tag your social posts with #APHAywcs.
  • Fast results will be on the official APHA World Show Twitter handle @WorldShow. These results are also posted on the official APHA Facebook page. @APHAWorldShow on Instagram will have special #APHAywcs behind the scenes pics.
  • The live feed may have some hiccups. Technology isn’t perfect—yet. Thankfully, APHA has tech wizards on hand and they work to quickly resolve any problems. LINK TO WATCH: http://www.iequine.com/events/2014/06/ajpha-youth-world-championship-show
  • Shop the gift show vendors and APHA’s General Store. APHA is thankful for the vendors who come from near and far. Oh, there are chocolate bars at the General Store. Need I say more? The General Store’s daily deals are awesome, too!
  • Watch the video series, “Around the World” on the APHAVideo YouTube channel for unique stories about fellow exhibitors. We took “Around the World” from print to video format last year to extend the World Show experience. APHA is pretty proud of it. If you’ve got an interesting story, APHA wants to hear it! 
  • World champs, go to the Media Office for your World Champion video interview. No need to be shy! APHA’s video crew is awesome! Nothing beats having the memory of your ride and how you felt forever! Plus, they’re posted on YouTube titled “Winning Words” for friends and family back home to see.
  • Interested in working for APHA one day? The Media Office is a welcoming spot to see just how APHA staff is producing OFFICIAL video, photo, news, social media and more up about the show.
  • I know that APHA staff is working hard and keeping you, your Paint Horse and smooth operation of the show in mind every single second of every single day. Have a question or concern? Don’t hesitate to ask someone wearing an APHA badge. They are more than happy to help. Share some constructive ways you think the show can be better. They like that, too. Pro tip: APHA staff knows where to get good eats in Fort Worth.

World Show is all about keeping it positive and in perspective. Keep your chin up and keep going. Be grateful for the experience, after all, things might just fall into place. There’s usually always a window of opportunity, you just have to be optimistic enough to see it and wise enough to act on it.

Now exhibitors, stay humble, stay smart and just ride your horse. Let’s see some good sportsmanship! Make it a movement!
Good luck to all!


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  1. well said, Alexie!

  2. Thanks for sharing, AleXie! Great advice for all.

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