A Combination of Colors

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Press Release

CBClogowitheffectTulsa, Okla., November 10-15, 2015 – Horses from four separate breed associations once again united and competed for Congress Champion titles at the Color Breed Congress, held Nov. 10-15, 2015 at the Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex in Tulsa, Okla. hosted more than 900 exhibitors, almost 550 horses and nearly 3,575 class entries. Exhibitors and horses represented 33 states and Canada.
Presented by the Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc., the Color Breed Congress encompasses four separate breed shows running simultaneously. Participating breed associations included the Pinto Horse Association, the Palomino Horse Breeders of America, the Appaloosa Horse Club and the American Buckskin Registry Association.
In addition to the Color Breed Congress, PtHA was proud to host the Western Dressage World Show, which was held November 6-8, 2015. This event was held in conjunction with the Color Breed Congress.
Presenting over $62,000 in awards during the show, awards included medallions from MTM Recognition for 1st-6th place exhibitors in each class and jackets from Tioga Territory to class winners in classes with five or more entries. Trophies were presented to winners of National Snaffle Bit Association dual-approved classes. Jackets were presented to grand and reserve champions who entered halter classes. Kensington saddle/bridle bags were awarded to individual PtHA division winners and Gist Silversmith belt buckles were awarded to overall high point and reserve winners. In addition to the buckles, the overall high point youth in each breed received a scholarship. The scholarships, in addition to Cash Challenge classes and NSBA classes, brought the total payouts from the show to nearly $18,000.

Color Breed Congress 2“The numerous high quality awards we give out makes this a great show for many exhibitors who come from all over the United States and Canada,” said Darrell Bilke, PtHA Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We strive to ensure that many exhibitors leave with a piece of the action and enjoy their time with us in Tulsa.”
Keeping with the Color Breed Congress tradition, classes were chosen each day to compete in the Equine Chronicle Hula Hoop Hoe Down. Prize packs were given to the exhibitor who could hula hoop the longest.
“It is fun to watch the competition,” Bilke said, “The Equine Chronicle Hula Hoop Hoe Down is one of the most exciting traditions at the Color Breed Congress.”
The Color Breed Congress will return in 2016. Tentative dates are set for November 8-13, 2016, at the Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex in Tulsa, Okla. The Mule and Donkey Congress Show and the Congress Ranch Horse Show will be held November 4-6 in conjunction with the Color Breed Congress.
Incorporated in 1956, the Pinto Horse Association of America was formed to encourage the promotion of quality horses, ponies and miniatures with color and to establish a registry for maintaining their show records and pedigrees. Currently, the association serves approximately 47,000 members and boasts more than 150,000 registered Pintos.
For more information about the 2015 Color Breed Congress and for complete results, please visit www.colorbreedcongress.com. To learn more about the Association, visit www.pinto.org or call the PtHA headquarters (405) 491-0111.

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