2019 AQHA Leveling Point Ranges

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Point ranges for the 2019 AQHA leveling program are now available online.

September 10, 2018

The American Quarter Horse Association

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The 2019 AQHA leveling program point ranges are now available online, and exhibitors and horse owners can begin to determine their eligibility for the 2019 show season.

View the 2019 leveling point ranges.

Point ranges identify the levels that exhibitors and horses are eligible for when competing at AQHA shows. Owners and exhibitors can view the 2019 point ranges and compare their show record for an approximation of the levels they will be eligible for in the 2019 show season. The online level verification system, which allows exhibitors and horse owners to look up their class-by-class level eligibility, will be updated toward the end of 2018. Points are tabulated from November 1 through October 31 in accordance with SHW250 so that level eligibility will be available for shows starting in January.

Level eligibility is effective January 1 of each year, and exhibitors and horses maintain eligibility through December 31, regardless of the number of points earned during the year.

“All points earned by all horses and all exhibitors in all classes at all AQHA shows in the past three years are tabulated to calculate the level point ranges. From there, commonly used statistical measurements – such as means and standard deviations – are applied to point-earning horses and exhibitors,” said AQHA Chief Show Officer Pete Kyle. “The result is an objective handicapping system that assigns exhibitors and horses to competition levels.”

AQHA points earned are not the only factor taken into consideration when determining level eligibility; awards won are also taken into account, including alliance partner points and earnings. Money won in other equine organizations or associations also affects eligibility. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to update their Level 1 eligibility annually.

“For instance, exhibitors who win classes at AQHA’s Level 1 Championships are no longer eligible to compete in that class at any future Level 1 Championships. However, if an exhibitor is Level 1-eligible, he or she can continue to show in that class in Level 1 competition,” said Kyle, referring to Rule SHW245.3 in the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations.

Rules SHW245 and 250-252 further address level eligibility and how it is affected by awards won. New leveling eligibility guidelines were passed at the 2018 AQHA Convention and can be found in the show committee report, specifically under the show format and procedures subcommittee section. Of note are the new guidelines for Superior awards, Rookie point caps and Level 1 (horse) earnings limits. View the show committee report at www.aqha.com/committeereports.

Additional Adequan® Level 2 Championships guidelines for the Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show can be found under Competitor Resources at www.aqha.com/worldshow.

Visit www.aqha.com/leveling to learn more about how level eligibility is determined and for more insight on AQHA levels, which range from Rookie for beginning competitors to Level 1 for the minimally accomplished, Level 2 for the moderately accomplished and Level 3 for the highly accomplished.

AQHA News and information is a service of the American Quarter Horse Association. For more news and information, follow @AQHAnews on Twitter and visit www.aqha.com/news.

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