2018 Congress to feature outstanding learning opportunities

October 4th, 2018 2:48 PM | No Comments

The 2018 All American Quarter Horse Congress will offer much more than just shopping, eating, competing and watching the show for both exhibitors and spectators. Opportunities to gain knowledge will be just around every curve through out the show. You will be able to learn Western Pleasure with Aaron Moses, HUS from Kristy Starnes, Eq from Sandy Vaughn and so much more at the Congress demonstrations. In the “Lecture Hall” you can learn about the perfect tack room, EHV, splints, cushings and the perfect topline.

We have the full schedule for you so you can plan your trip! 2018


Sunday, October 7th @ 1pm (Cooper Arena)
Equine Massage Techniques
Presented by Connie Bultemeier

Sunday, October 7th @ 4:30pm (Coliseum)
Cutting, Presented by Phil Rapp & Friends

Friday, October 12th @ 5pm (Cooper Arena)
Longe Line – NSBA Workshop
Presented by Dave Dellin/Randy Wilson

Saturday, October 13th @ 1pm (Cooper Arena)
Halter, Presented by Dewey Smith

Saturday, October 13th @ 3pm (Cooper Arena)
Reining, Presented by Robin Schoeller

Sunday, October 14th @ 2pm (Cooper Arena)
Western Pleasure, Presented by Aaron Moses

Tuesday, October 16th @ 1pm (Cooper Arena)
Judging Ranch Riding, Presented by Leslie Lange

Saturday, October 20th @ 10am (Cooper Arena)
Showmanship, Presented by Chris Gray

Saturday, October 20th @ 1pm (Cooper Arena)
Hunter Under Saddle, Presented by Kristy Starnes

Saturday, October 20th @ 3pm (Cooper Arena)
English Equitation, Presented by Sandy Vaughn

Friday, October 26th @ 6pm (Cooper Arena)
Barrel Racing, Presented by Martha Josey & Friends

Saturday, October 27th @ 11am (Cooper Arena)
Instinct vs. Intelligence of the Horse
Presented by Mark Bolender

Saturday, October 27th @ 1pm (Cooper Arena)
Mountain Trail Horse Challenge
Presented by Mark Bolender


Saturday, October 13th @ 10am (Lecture Hall)
Equine Cushings Disease: What a Long Coat or Crusty Neck Could Mean for Your Horse
Presented by Dr. Kathleen Lennon, Pony Express Veterinary Hospital

Sunday, October 14th @ 11am (Lecture Hall)
Creating the Perfect Tack Room
Presented by Lachlan Oldaker, Lachlan Oldaker Equine Design

Friday, October 19th @ 3pm (Lecture Hall)
The Equine Topline: Diagnosis and Treatment of Discomfort in the Neck, Back and Pelvis
Presented by Dr. Jonathan Yardley, The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Sunday, October 21st @ 1pm (Lecture Hall)
The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About EHV-1: Preventing Outbreaks at Shows & Sales Near You
Presented by Dr. Johnny Mac Smith, Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation

Sunday, October 21st @ 3pm (Lecture Hall)
Splints in the Equine Athlete: There may be More Than Meets the Eye
Presented by Dr. Allison Dockery, The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

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