2018 Congress Stall Assignments Available

September 24th, 2018 1:45 PM | No Comments

Hornick 1If you are heading to Congress you are probably are ecxited to see where you are stabled!

Stall Assignments have been announced and you can find them HERE.

A note from OQHA for the safety of the horses and humas please remember the following regulations.

Fire Safety and Animal Protection

Help us comply with the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s code in order to keep horses and exhibitors safe.

The State Fire Marshall will require the following:

    1. Stalling areas/Stall Build-outs/Covered Stalls:
      1. Fully functioning smoke detector
      2. Fully functioning ABC-rated (5 lb.) fire extinguisher
      3. All wall hangings, fabric, or other decorative materials shall be made of flame resistant or non-combustible materials.
      4. Do not construct anything that creates new fire hazards, such as building too close to existing electric lines or up against combustible materials, or block open access to essential life safety system components like sprinkler valves and pipe/hose connections.
      5. Use Commercial grade extension cords instead of residential cords. Do not overload extension cords or daisy chain extension cords to each other.
      6. Three feet clearance must be maintained between sprinkler heads and the top of covered stalls.
      7. No open flames
  1. General Safety:
    1. No smoking inside any building, tent or near any manure piles.
    2. Do not block any fire extinguisher, interior exit, door, aisle or hallways, or outside fire lane.
    3. Do not store propane tanks without proper safeguards.
    4. Do not allow hay, unused/discarded construction materials, animal care items and additional combustible materials to pile up anywhere.

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