2017 Silver Dollar Circuit Even Bigger and Better

Press Release

silver dollar headshotAlthough entries have yet to be tabulated, consensus seems to be unanimous amongst exhibitors that this Silver Dollar has been the best yet!  Entries are higher, the schedule has been efficient, and the energy and morale of the show has been fantastic.

One of the show’s favorites, Leslie Lange, speaks about how the changes have benefited the show.  

“My favorite thing about the Silver Dollar this year was the class size.  We had great class sizes top to bottom Halter, Ranch Riding, Western Pleasure.  I mean, top to bottom the class size was excellent.  Western Riding last year we had around 100; this year we had 140 so the classes have gotten significantly bigger yet, the horse show has managed to schedule the classes so that we are done by 6 or 7 at night so that we can go and enjoy the amenities the South Point has to offer.

Ryan Kail agrees with Lange.  

“The South Point this year, as always, is a great facility, and I like the schedule where the non-pro and the open is separated because it allows us to have fresher horses shown in the open as opposed to showing everything in one day.”

Karen Graham mirrored these sentiments.  ”I thought the entire schedule was great.  The classes got done early, and they were big and tough, but everyone had a great time.  I thought the demeanor of the whole show was fun.”  

With the days finishing around 6 p.m., the South Point restaurants, casino, bowling alley, and more filled up with Silver Dollar competitors.  The fun and the energy rippled through the show.  This is why we call the Silver Dollar Circuit a “horse show vacation!”

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