2017 End-Of-Show Awards

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[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

Farnam All-Around Amateur

Exhibitor/Owner: Cassie Riggert of Scottsdale, Arizona

Horse: Born Blazed, 2007 sorrel gelding (Blazing Hot-Born Lopin by Zippo Pine Bar) 

Breeder: McCarroll and Schroeder of Gainesville, Texas

Reserve: Lena Berry and Red Hot Options

3rd: Toni Ward and Sudden Persuasion


Farnam All-Around Select Amateur

Exhibitor/Owner: Janet Grimsby of Lake Stevens, Washington

Horse: PS Im Good As Gold, 2010 buckskin gelding (PS Good Bars Kat-Pine Three Mercedes by Zippo Pine Three)   

Breeder: Peter Allen Schouweiler of Plainview, Minnesota

Reserve: Jeannette Riley and NU Lil Smooch

3rd: Janet Price and Imaginary Dimension


Farnam All-Around 13-&-Under

Exhibitor/Owner: Elizabeth Gerbrandt

Horse: Zips Classical Image, 2002 sorrel gelding (Barpassers Image-Zips Dynamic Chelsea by Zippos Old Gold)     

Breeder: Merle or Jean Lingel of New Plymouth, Idaho

Reserve: Lily Richardson and Chips Heart

3rd: Claira Bingaman and A Blazen Asset


Farnam All-Around 14-18

Exhibitor/Owner: Devon A. Woods of Escondido, California

Horse: Youre All Talk, 2001 chestnut gelding (Sweet Talkin Chip-Shiny Bo Penny by Docs Bo Acres)   

Breeder: J. Henschen and G. Trubee of Sunbury, Ohio

Reserve: Claire March and Heckuva Hotrod

3rd: Jacqueline Potwora and Hot Time To Zip

The all-around winners at the AQHA West Level 1 received a Montana Silversmiths belt buckle and a trophy.


Amateur Halter Champion of Champions

Owner/Exhibitor: Donald Wade Perkins of Prescott Valley, Arizona

Horse: Startrec, 2011 chestnut gelding (Sirprizerized- Sheza Touchdown Kid by Touchdown Kid)      

Breeder: Dorn and Debra Parkinson of Kirkland, Arizona


Youth Halter Champion of Champions

Exhibitor: Madison Gervais of Anza, California

Horse: Rockin Ur Dollee, 2009 buckskin mare (Rockin Yar Heart-A Nickel A Dance by Mr Bar Tab)      

Breeder/Owner: Jerrie Smith of Anza, California

The halter Champion of Champions winners received a trophy and a neck ribbon.


High-Point Western Amateur

Exhibitor/Owner: Alyssa Hill       

Horse: So Noticed, 2011 black gelding (My Final Notice-One Dynamic Spot by Zippos Old Gold) 

Breeder: Riverside Ranch Stallions Inc. of Sultan, Washington


High-Point Western Select

Owner/Exhibitor: Tracy Brown of Butte, Montana

Horse: Sexy Sox N Chocolate, 2005 bay gelding (Zips Chocolate Chip-A Dream Invitation by Invitation Only)    

Breeder: Charlene Greene of Butte, Montana


High-Point Western 14-18

Exhibitor/Owner: Madelyn Reese of Vista, California

Horse: Lopin A Hot Streak, 2011 sorrel gelding (Blazing Hot-Lopin A Lucky Streak by Jacks Are Lucky Too) 

Breeder: David MacDonald of Aubrey, Texas


High-Point Western 13-&-Under

Exhibitor/Owner: Kyla Jackson of Vacaville, California

Horse: Good For The Ladys, 2002 red roan gelding (Zippos Mr Good Bar-Some Patent Lady by Zippo Pat Bars)    

Breeder: John Narmont of Auburn, Illinois

High-point western winners received a Noble Outfitters backpack and grooming tote.


High-Point English Amateur

Exhibitor/Owner: Ciera Bennett of Snohomish, Washington

Horse: Irwins Lil Bit Purdy, 2005 brown gelding (Purdy Wild Irwin-Irwins Littlebitcool by Ima Cool Irwin)       

Breeder: Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Irwin of Aldergrove, British Columbia


High-Point English Select

Exhibitor/Owner: Jayne Hickey of Scottsdale, Arizona

Horse: A Natural Artist, 2007 bay gelding (Artful Investment-Aint It Ironic by Natural Iron)

Breeder: Cara Ondra of Berlin, Wisconsin


High-Point English 14-18

Exhibitor: Clare Swanson of Eugene, Oregon

Horse: Too Early For Sleep, 2013 chestnut gelding (Too Sleepy To Zip-Sheza Fancy Goodbar by Zippos Mr Good Bar)

Owner: Chelsea Carlson of Junction City, Oregon

Breeder: Beverly Benfante of Whitesboro, Texas


High-Point English 13-&-Under

Exhibitor: Ainsley Linnell of Summerberry, Saskatchewan

Horse: BMQ Times A Ticking, 2005 black gelding (BMQ Legacy-This Time Is Mine by The Adamas)        

Owner: Karen Linnell of Summerberry, Saskatchewan

Breeder: Annette Kamphaus of Nevis, Minnesota

High-point English winners received a Noble Outfitters boot bag and grooming tote.


B&W Rookie High-Point Amateur

Exhibitor/Owner: Kristen Wiese of Los Ranchos, New Mexico

Horse: Almos Famous, 2010 bay gelding (Mos Excellent-Zippos Hotrod by Zippo Pine Bar)  

Breeder: Karen Graham of Cave Creek, Arizona


B&W Rookie High-Point Select Amateur

Breeder/Owner/Exhibitor: Karen Polley of Sherwood, Oregon

Horse: All Hats Off, 2006 chestnut gelding (The Corporate Image-Wayward Speed by Speedy Glow)        


B&W Rookie High-Point Youth 14-18

Exhibitor/Owner: Presley Cortez of Bakersfield, California

Horse: Sheik Your Boo Te, 2002 sorrel gelding (Zippos Sheik-Te N Sally by Te Troubleson) 

Breeder: Coleen Dalton of Arbuckle, California


B&W Rookie High-Point Youth 13-&-Under

Exhibitor/Owner: Cassandra Michelle Ehrle of Chino Hills, California

Horse: Range In Motion, 2007 sorrel mare (Openrange-Katie Is Hot by Blazing Hot) 

Breeder: Kathleen Zelnio of Moline, Illinois

B&W Rookie high-point winners received a Noble Outfitters backpack and trophy. 

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