You’re on Twitter- What if Your Horse Was Too?

August 31st, 2013 7:00 AM | No Comments

Did you ever wish your horse could talk? What about if your horse could Tweet? No, not suddenly exchanging a whinny for a bird call- what if your horse had a Twitter? What do you think they would want to say? Share about that tasty apple they just had, or how they tossed their third rider this week… how they rolled in the mud right after a bath! We want to know!

Join our following on Twitter (@PleasureHorseOL) and come up with your best responses! Simply add the hashtag: #ifmyhorsetweeted and we will start collecting responses. The best responses will be featured on our sites, our social media, or maybe even our online magazine! So hurry up and get whinny- we mean, Tweeting!

If you aren’t on Twitter, or don’t know much about it, give it a shot! It’s a very easy way to promote your business, keep your clients updated on shows, promote specials for clients, and keep up to date with the latest in social media marketing. Just head to to get started today!

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