Winfield Riding Club Recuperates After West Virginia Floods

July 21st, 2016 8:37 PM | No Comments

Press Release

Winfield Riding Club recovers from historic West Virginia Floods.

Winfield Riding Club recovers from historic West Virginia Floods.

Winfield, West Virginia- After historic flooding that affected most of West Virginia on June 24, 2016 and ultimately causing WVQHA to cancel their June 30-July 3 show, just a few short weeks later the show grounds at Winfield Riding Club are quickly getting back in shape to hold another of association’s yearly shows. As soon as the flood waters receded David and Janie Wymer, along with several volunteers began the difficult task of cleaning up debris and getting the show pens back to normal. While the flooding was catastrophic in many parts of WV, Winfield only suffered minimal damages at the show grounds, with most of the cleanup being from debris that had washed into the area.  David and Janie Wymer have managed the riding club since the 1970’s and are one of the founders of the club. “We have seen much higher waters before.  We know what measures we have to take to get the grounds back in condition to have the shows.” said David Wymer.  In fact, as recently as 2014, prior to the High School Rodeo held each March, the Riding Club scrambled after flash flood waters were much higher than the most recent flooding. This bout of flooding in June saw water reach only one lower barn and the covered riding arenas, also filling most of the camping grounds. Fortunately, there were no horses or exhibitors present at the time.  Numerous bags of lime and equipment were donated to aid in the cleanup. 

The next WVQHA show planned for July 21-24 is the regularly scheduled Mountaineer 4-day circuit with 6 judges. WVQHA and AQHA have also been working closely together to provide exhibitors with a substitute show set for August 27-28 with 4 judges to replace the one cancelled July 4th weekend.  

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