Where in the World is Zips Chocolate Chip?………

January 18th, 2012 1:07 PM | 1 Comment

Photo of Ann and Chip - courtesy Darrell Dodds

He is with Joe Jeane, his long time “Executive Director” of 24 years! Joe and Chip just made the journey from Texas to Kansas on Monday, January 16, 2012.  Joe will be managing the ranch and breeding operation at Rodrock Ranches in Bucyrus, Kansas. Darol Rodrock is planning to have a state of the art breeding facility which will give lots of opportunity for Joe and Chip to stay ahead of the curve in the breeding industry. Thank you, Darol, for including Zips Chocolate Chip with your great group of stallions!!

ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP is ready to create a winner for you…..”Chip makes ‘um for your mare to bake ‘um!”…..Your “Chocolate Chip” will be done in 11 months…..You will LOVE this recipe!

*EXTENDED DEADLINE* Breed to Zips Chocolate Chip for only $2500 if booked by 2-29-12!
After 2-29-12 his fee will still be discounted but increases to $3000.

As an added BONUS, pay the booking fee this year but WAIT TO PAY the balance of Zips Chocolate Chip’s stud fee when your foal is born!! (booking fee is included in the stud fee)


Contact us for details & other discounts:

Joe Jeane 940-372-8553, email: jjeane@rodrock.com  or Ann Myers 419-289-0980, email: Myers@ZipsChocolateChip.com

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  1. I have a beautiful 6 year old mare by zippo’s old gold. Do you think this would be to close to zippo pine bar on both sides to breed. If not, I would like to consider this match. Thanks, Noble Handy

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