Western Pleasure Super Sires: New Futurity Program Brings A Fresh New Idea to the Western Pleasure Industry Across All Breeds

January 13th, 2013 5:25 PM | No Comments

     by Gabrielle Sasse, PleasureHorse.com

We are very excited to be sharing with our readers news about a brand new breeding program, dubbed the Western Pleasure Super Sires!

Newly launched, the entire goal of the program is to  “encourage the breeding and sale of high quality western pleasure prospects by providing a fund and a high paying class or set of classes to the eligible offspring of the Western Pleasure Super Sires.”

Stallion owners purchase slots in the program, with 14 stallions that are currently nominated. “I personally feel this is a very exciting program for breeders, owners, sellers & buyers of prospects sired by the WP Select Sires,” shares Becky Bailey. “I’m pleased to have One Hot Krymsun in the program as a charter member.” There are up to 11 remaining slots that will be auctioned off via www.thehorseauction.com in an online auction beginning at 8:00 a.m. central time on Monday, January 21st, and ending at 8:00 p.m. central time on Wednesday, January 23rd. The starting bid for the remaining slots will be $5,000 each. Western Pleasure stallion owners of all breeds are encouraged to enroll their stallions in this revolutionary program while slots are still available! After this opportunity, the only way to enter the program will be when a slot is released and re-auctioned.

After the remaining slots have been auctioned off and the entire list of (up to) 25 stallions has been finalized, a majority vote of the stallion owners will determine what type of a western pleasure futurity event will be held. At this time, it is anticipated that the competition will be a Three Year Old Non-Pro event. It will be held at a high attendance horse show to be determined, beginning this year.

“The stud owners are going to make all of the decisions, which is great,” says committee member Gil Galyean. “It’s the first time I know of in at least the past 30 years that the stud owners can unite and work together a a group. I have heard that comment from several stallion owners about how exciting that is. It is looking at being a tremendous boost to the Western Pleasure industry.” The stallion owners will literally control everything: what class, where it will be held, even if the class changes from year to year. “I foresee the location as being fluid [from year to year].  It may work well at the first venue, but it could very well be fluid. We are in an area where that is good. Things can change, fluctuate, and go to a place where it will help the program. These 25 stallion owners will be voting on everything, and go to it as soon as the auction is complete.”

The full set of stallion owners will be voting on a number of proposed plans and rules to be put in place. Things that have been proposed include:

  • High pay-outs, such as $25,000-$30,000 to 1st place
  • Paying down through 10-15 places
  • A low entry fee, with the purse is funded largely by stallion owners not by entry fees
  • Color Breed Incentive Bonuses
  • Homebred Incentive Bonuses

“The whole program is brand new and the committee members were just kind of put together to come up with ideas and to get everything started. Eventually the stallion owners will be the ones to make all the decisions and the committee will be a sounding board for the stallion owners,” says committee member Liz Hay. “We’ve had a whole lot of interest in it from stud owners, so I think it could really be very popular and it seems like there is a lot of excitement about it.”

 Also to be determined by vote of stallion/slot owners:

  • Which show in which the class will be held
  • Whether it will be a Two-Year-Old or Three-Year-Old Class
  • Whether it will be a Non-Pro or Open Class
  • Rules about entrant eligibility- horse and rider (to encourage large numbers of participants.)

The list of current WP Select Sires (and owners/contacts) is:

Batt Man, Randy Haines
Blazing Hot, Joan Schroeder
Diesel Only, John Wainscott/Gail Wilkinson
Extremely Hot Chips, Russ Louderback
Good Cowboy Margarita, Roger Gollehon
Hotroddin Zippo, Olivia Hoecker
How Bout This Cowboy, Fritz Leeman
Machine Made, Cory Seebach/Candace Hall
Night Moves, Sue & Steve Thompson
One Hot Krymsun, Becky Bailey
Presidential Order, JR Reichert
Too Sleepy To Zip, Shelley Donovan/Kim Rotenberry
Touch Of Sudden, JR Reichert/Troy Oakley
VS Code Red, Kristen Galyean

Slot/Stallion Owners of participating Western Pleasure stallions and will need to commit to the following:

  • Stallion annual slot fee of $5,000
  • Five year slot/stallion comittment*
  • Stallions nominated must be owned (at 50% or greater) by the slot owner, and/or owner of frozen semen.

*committing to a 5 year program for a nominated stallion will ensure that the foals bred to these stallions in 2013 will be eligible to participate in their Three Year Old year.

Mare owners and breeders are highly encouraged to breed to any of these Super Sire stallions. This is also a great opportunity for those in the market looking to buy a prospect, two-year-old or three-year-old! Another great program to get some of your show string into. “Every foal by these stallions will be eligible- that’s the concept,” explains Gil Galyean. “Myself as a horse trainer with a group of owners that breed mares, I will encourage our owners to breed mares to these stallions. This is where the money will be! Very positive for stallion owners, and I have heard of several trainers that will pushing people to breed to these studs.”

If you are a stallion owner that is interested in purchasing a slot in the Western Pleasure Super Sires program and would like more information, you may contact one of the members of the current steering committee listed below or one of the stallion owners listed above. You may also visit their Facebook page here for more information.

Chairman – Troy Oakley- 940.230.5142, troykoakley@yahoo.com
Gil Galyean- 405.641.8124, gilgalyean@gmail.com
Liz Hay- 336.462.2738, lizhay06@yahoo.com
Brett Parrish- 229.224.2019, candy@rose.net
Joan Schroeder- 940.727.3474, joan@schroederranchtexas.com
Jackie Starnes- 803.473.0184, jackiecstarnes@yahoo.com
John Wainscott- 513.226.6839, wainscottqhs@aol.com
Randy Wilson- 470.819.0257, rwquarterhorses@hotmail.com

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