View Level Point Ranges for 2017

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2017 AQHA Point Levels

[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

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With the 2017 AQHA class level point ranges now available online, exhibitors and horse owners can begin to determine their eligibility for the 2017 show season.

View the 2017 level point ranges.

Point ranges identify the levels that exhibitors and horses are eligible for when competing at AQHA shows. Owners and exhibitors can view the 2017 point ranges and compare their show record for an approximation of the levels they will be eligible for in the next show season. The online level verification system, which allows exhibitors and horse owners to look up their class-by-class level eligibility, will be updated toward the end of 2016. 

Level eligibility is effective January 1 of each year, and exhibitors and horses maintain eligibility through December 31, regardless of the number of points earned during the year.

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