Upcycling for the Equestrian

May 9th, 2013 5:22 PM | No Comments

by Gabrielle Sasse   – Excerpted from the May issue of “Show Horse Today” -

With Pinterest still keeping a strong hold on DIYers, recipe hunters, procrastinators and anyone looking for “life hacks,” it makes sense that the latest craze of “Upcycling” has taken a strong hold on everyone…horse lovers included!

Upcyling is nothing new. It is simply taking something old, broken, used, or just unwanted and turning it into something fun and useful. Horse owners are long used to this idea (have you ever made a belt out of bailing twine?), but we are here to take it to the next level.  The Equestrian level! I’ve gathered some of my own upcycling ideas, and put out the call for others to share items that they have upcycled from or for the barn. Here are some of the things we found!

The most popular upcycling item on Pinterest seems to be your average wooden pallet, and horse owners know how easy those are to get a hold of! I have seen them turned into tables, couches, desks, or shelves, and sometimes even deconstructing them to cover walls for a new way to wallpaper.  Just type “pallet” into the search bar of Pinterest, and a plethora of pallets pop up. Find a handyman, or grab a hammer and some paint yourself, and off to decorating you go…

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