Twas the Night Before Congress…

October 19th, 2012 12:56 PM | No Comments

by Gabrielle Sasse

Twas the night before Congress, and all o’er the land
The creatures WERE stirring, for a show most grand!
The trucks were all hitched, trailers loaded with care
In hopes that nothing would be forgotten there.

The horses were wrapped all snug in their stall,
While owners raced ‘round trying to remember it all.
And trainers in tall boots or a cowboy hat,
Began loading up horses with a friendly rump pat.

Off to Columbus, with hooves all a clatter
The city filled with excited horseperson chatter.
Away to the Celeste, they trotted them all in,
Gates open wide for a blue ribbon win.

Click here to continue reading this awesome poem… in the October issue of Show Horse Todayonce you’re there – turn to page 49

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