Top Professionals Swear By Back On Track Products

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2118_Mesh-Rug-HorseYou may have heard of Back On Track products before, but have wondered if they actually work or if they are just marketed well.  It’s more than just marketing.  These products have been tried and tested by horsemen and women all over the world and have been incorporated into their training programs. 

So, how do these great therapeutic products work?  Their products, everything from sheets to saddle pads to legwraps and more, are made from special textiles using a combination of polyester and polypropylene infused with a special ceramic powder.  The ceramic powder is really where the magic is.  It has the ability to reflect the horse’s heat back into its soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) in the form of infrared heat radiation.  In turn, this helps alleviate pain associated with inflammation and overuse.  This is an non-invasive, drug-free method that can be used on a multitude of disciplines and types of work.

This product works so well that the following professionals swear by these products:

 ”Everything has been excellent, by using the Back on Track leg wraps. We do a better job of the horse’s legs and we’ve stopped using poultice so it cuts down on the problem of drying out the legs and skin irritation. When using the Back on Track blankets, we’ve noticed a great difference in the horses’ backs.  We can go longer between the chiropractic treatments. This is a wonderful product that keeps our horses in great shape.” -McLain Ward, Olympic rider: gold team medal

  “I put Back on Track blankets on my horses as much as possible. It really keeps their bodies supple and loose. I can feel the difference right from the beginning of the warm-up. When their bodies feel good, they are happy and ready to do the work.  Also, the No Bow are fantastic. The horses’ legs look and feel tight and clean after using them. Everybody should use Back on Track products!” - Michelle Gibson, Olympic rider: bronze team medal winner

This therapeutic saddle pad works great! From the very start of my ride, I feel that my horses’ back is very relaxed and more supple with the Back on Track saddle pad. I have also noticed that we are able to go longer in between veterinarian treatments on horses with some known back problems. The horses comfort and soundness is number one for me, that is why Back on Track is the way for my horses and myself. It works!”- Anne Kursinski, Olympic rider: silver team medal in Seoul and Atlanta.

 “I must say I believe your products have helped my horses tremendously. We noticed a huge difference in the tightness of their legs, and suppleness in their backs at Aachen Horse Show where the stress of competition is huge.Steffen Peters, Olympic rider: bronze team medal in Atlanta

“I like Back on Track products because anything that’s good for my horses is good for me. Back on Track leg wraps and back pads have proven themselves to me. We have been using them for a couple of years and I can say without  reservation that my staff  and I have seen a dramatic difference in our horses’ legs. We have used them on horses with chronic problems as well as on horses returning to work and I must say that we have had positive results on 100% of the horses.”  – Beezie Madden, Olympic rider: gold team medal in Athens

To learn more and see their full line of products for horses, dogs, and even people, visit their website.

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