Tips For Selling Your Horse

February 18th, 2013 7:15 AM | No Comments

Republished from February Show Horse Today

Today’s economy is not quite in the downturn it was in 2008, but people are still falling on harder times.  It leaves a lot of us horse owners wondering, “How do I sell my horse in this market?”  We consulted a number of breeders, trainers and auctioneers in the industry who have given us their best tips and tricks for a successful sale!

While the demand is not as high as it was in the “boom” days of the horse world, there is still a reasonable market out there for your horse, if you look for it. Baby Boomers are in varying stages of retirement, and many may want to act on that lifelong dream of owning a horse, or buy their grandkids their first pony. All around horses are becoming the norm.  Most trainers I have spoken to are finding it harder and harder to specialize in disciplines in the pleasure world. Your average “rail horse” really should now expand into showmanship, western riding or fence classes, for example.

“I think it’s important to identify all potential markets for the horse that you are trying to sell,” says Andy Crist of Crist Show Horses. “Always consider other events and various levels of competition where your horse has the ability to shine.  Recognize where these buyers are looking and concentrate your efforts there.  

“With so many buyers doing their own research online, quality pictures and video are an obvious necessity. Almost everyone uses YouTube, but don’t forget to use important keywords to help buyers find you.  Include things like breed, bloodlines, discipline, and location in the tag line section to help your horse come up in the search.” 

Be sure to take the time to set yourself, and your horse, up for success! You want to be selling the best possible product you can. Pictures showing a hairy horse in the winter or goat hairs under the chin in the middle of the summer are definitely not showcasing your horse in the best light. Get your horse clipped, bathed and looking its best for a photo shoot! Take the time to produce quality photos and video, even if it is a several hour process. A few hours spent during your day won’t mean much when you have that check in your hand…


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