These are a Few of My Favorite Things

December 28th, 2011 12:02 PM | No Comments

#1 "Not Favorite" Gift

With the Christmas holiday winding down and all of us getting ready to kick off the New Year, PleasureHorse asked our readers and forum members about their holiday gifts.  We have so much to be thankful for during this season of giving, and here are some of the favorite gifts received…

  • “My daughter gave me tickets to go see the PBR.  I can’t wait!!!”
  • “Mine was a non-horsey gift, but it was perfect!  For the last couple years I have been getting up for work at 4 am. Getting into an ICY car every morning, and shivering halfway to work while my car warms up is the worst.  I’ve been talking and talking about getting a remote start for my car so that it can warm up before I leave to work but can never get myself to spend the money.  So this year Santa (aka my amazing other half) brought me a remote start! I am SO excited, I could not have picked a more perfect present. No more icy, shivering mornings!”
  • “A Christmas ornament with my new mare’s picture on it! And it makes horse sounds… Love it and love her! Thank you Santa Baby!”
  • “One of my sisters was able to come home this year to surprise my mother and most of our other siblings. We had a very Merry Christmas day together with 32 family members at my house.”
  • “Aside from all the material things I got this Christmas, I got one that is not considered material and that I least expected and cannot be compared to. My daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas several weeks ago. I replied, ‘what I want no one can give me.’ She asked, ‘what’s that?’ I said for Shengo’s (my yearling’s) legs to straighten out. Well he is into his eighth week of the Progressive Ration Balancer and they are growing stronger and straighter by the week. I never thought it would happen but it is happening. So that is the best Christmas present I have been given.”
  • “My mare that came home lame on front feet from the BNT ran and played for the first time in six months. My husband told me to come quick and I thought something was wrong. We stood at the window and watched her play with the yearling. She ran and bucked and reared up and trotted with her tail in the air. She looked like she actually felt good and my heart cheered. Before that, she would just stand and watch the others play or she’d limp behind them but yesterday she joined in the ‘reindeer games’. And wasn’t lame afterwards, hooray! Thank you Santa!!”

    A definite close runner up

  • “A battery powered heated vest to use when riding during the winter. Love my hubby!!!!!”
  • “My Kindle and a couple of gift cards for restaurants. (So I can use them when I go to horse shows!) And, I can’t forget “CINNAMON KITTY” our newest addition to the household.  He was abandoned at the small animal clinic I work at so I brought him home to join my other two kitties.”
  • “My new filly! Shes Talkin Frost! Thank you honey!”
  • “I got to give the greatest gift. A friend had an older broodmare that was unbreedable, but broke and sound. Another friend who used to ride with her mother, who passed away 3 years ago, wanted a horse. I got to play matchmaker and deliver the mare to her new home on Christmas eve. Her old owners/breeders were thrilled that the mare was going to a home to be loved and used. My friend was SO happy to have a horse of her own again. Even better, we keep a broodmare at my friend’s farm, so the two of us can now go ride together.  I received so many wonderful gifts, but nothing will beat the smiles and happy tears from Saturday.”
  • “Since it is just the two of us we often pick out something we want and “give” it to ourselves. We are either going to put a really high powered baby in my Hollywood Dun It mare OR we are going to haul to Texas this spring and go to a Jack Brainard Clinic. I really want a baby out of her, but how cool would it be to ride with Jack Brainard??!!”
  • “Watching my daughter open a photo of her showing her horse at Congress…we both cried happy tears!”
  • “My best present was that my sons and their girlfriends were here for Christmas. I got my sons tickets for the Steeler game so I took the girlfriends out to watch the game at a Sports Bar with a bunch of my horse friends. Then we went shopping for a bit. It was so great to get to spend time with the girlfriends to get to know them better without the boys around. Oh, and my sons did get me a 60″ flat screen plasma TV since my ex is taking our TV when he leaves. It’s a 37″.  Needless to say, think he’s a little jealous. Oh well, karma.”
  • “Watching the Packers beat the Bears with my Mom on Christmas Day!”
  • “I didn’t really have one favorite gift as I liked them all.  I received a new laptop, Jason & Charlie’s WR video, insulated deerskin gloves and a book called ‘The Well Adjusted Horse’.  The one gift that wasn’t mine but helps me out too – my mom bought my dad a new 4-wheeler. I now have something to pull my manure spreader that isn’t the lawn mower or the big tractor .”
  • “My gift came early- a stunning pair of Berry Fit chaps! They are a lovely navy :)
  • “I got myself a Blue Ribbon work saddle. I love it. I swear my horse went better in it today than he has in a year with my other saddle.  Merry Christmas to me!”
  • “For my Christmas present my barn addition was done, so now I can use all 10 of my stalls along with storage for 300 bales hay, shavings, feed, and an insulated tack room.”
  • “The plumbing at my barn fixed. When my hydrant froze a couple of years ago the plumber moved it farther away from the fence to use less pipe. (It should be obvious I was not consulted about this!) THIS time it is being moved closer to the stock tank so no hose and closer to the barn so ability to plug the stock tank heater in directly to the barn with no extension cord.”
  • “My son came home from Iraq and surprised me!!!”

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