The Yearling Sale at Tom Powers Just Keeps Getting Better

High seller No Doubt Im Trouble with buyer Rusty Green

The excitement of the Maiden 2 Year Old Western Pleasure Sale Stakes class was quickly followed by even more excitement at the Yearling Sale on day three of the Tom Powers Triple Challenge Futurity. After watching what the 2012 sale horses could do in the show pen, the crowd of spectators, trainers, buyers and sellers headed over to the indoor arena for the rest of the pig roast, sponsored by Equine Sports Medicine and Tom and Dominique Powers to support the NSBA Trainers Crisis Fund, and for the Yearling Sale.

These yearlings are eligible to compete at the 2014 Tom Powers Western Pleasure Stakes class. All of them have been micro chipped, and all micro chips are checked before exhibitors are given a back number when they show.

The excitement really kicked up a notch at hip number 37 of the 61 yearlings that were run through the sale.  No Doubt Im Trouble, a bay filly with a sweet face, was co-signed by Kathie Kennedy for Susan & Stanley Scott, LLC. No Doubt Im Trouble  is by No Doubt Im Lazy (Lazy Loper) and out of Troubles A Blazin (Blazing Hot). Rusty Green bought the filly for $85,000, earning her the title of high seller for the night. No Doubt Im Trouble had earlier that day been co-champion in the Open Western Yearling Longe Line with Quiet Ride (Battman).

Alan Parker, owner of Alan Parker Auctions, estimated the total money earned to be about $559,000. “We can’t give an exact yet, but it was a great sale,” Alan shared. “The average was probably around $4,500. Had an even better sale than last year.” All of the money earned from the sale goes back into next year’s purse, after expenses for running the sale are taken out.

“I really give a lot of credit to Tom Powers. When Tom, Dom, Janet and I first sat down to discuss the sale, we wanted at least a $10,000 purse,” Alan said. “With that first year sale, we were able to guarantee a $20,000 purse. And Tom wanted to make that absolute guarantee that if we said 20, we would pay even more.” This year was the third year of the sale, and Alan mentioned he had “really enjoyed watching it mature. It takes about three years for people to really know what is going on, and start giving us some exceptional horses. This year was the best group of horses yet.”

This was the first year that the sale was also streamed online, with people able to make bids online. While they didn’t have any horses bought online, Janet Hoke shared that they had “about 10-12,000 people looking at the online catalog. It really helped generate interest in these horses.” Scott Bernwick, owner of Sleepy N I Know It who had earlier won the Open 2 Year Old WP Stakes class, said that they had over 100 people contact them on Facebook about their horse before they even got to the sale.

“Yay for Tom Powers!” laughed Scott. “I brought four this year, went home with about $30,000 after the stakes class. Had a great time. I’ll be here next year with at least two for sure.” Scott and Alan were talking about how great it is to have these horses be able to go on and show at the Reichert, NSBA World and Congress after leaving Tom Powers.

“Every year, it’s just getting better,” Alan affirmed. He’s got some big plans for the next coming years, and hopes that things only continue along their path to greatness. Some amazing horses went through the show pen and sale pen, and both Scott and Alan agree that it will keep getting bigger and better. “I heard people saying they wish they had taken theirs in the show pen this year,” said Scott. “It’ll be great next year.”

Alan will be sharing with us the final facts and figures later today. Sunday is the final wrap up of the 2013 Tom Powers Triple Challenge Futurity, with about half of the classes already finished today. Stay tuned for more information to come!

Congratulations to all buyers, sellers, trainers and exhibitors.

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